The Colorful Vintas of Zamboanga City

by - Wednesday, May 30, 2018

I’m sure I’ve seen Vintas all over my books in highschool and when I saw this movie of Alessandra “Sakaling Hindi Makarating” I know, I want to see those too in person. I haven’t had exact plans yet on visiting Zamboanga Peninsula, but it was already on my lists during my backpacking in Mindanao and all I care is this Vintas.

To most of you who didn’t know, Vintas are a traditional boats created by The Bajau and Moros of Sulu and Zamboanga. It was used since ancient times to transport people and goods to and from different islands. According to some books, the Bajaus and people from Tawi-Tawi and Basilan used these boats as their home and would seldom went to land except to bury their dead.


Vintas are also used in Regattas. Regattas are a series of races between rowboats such as vintas. The most remarkable of this boats are their colorful patterns of its sails. The colors used in every line represent the past and the culture of the Muslims.

It was during Hermosa Festival in the beautiful city of Zamboanga that I finally saw this colorful vintas. Having this festival makes it an excuse to see numbers of different vintas on the sea and of course a Regatta itself.



 Made it on time from my Tawi-Tawi trip and head straight on to witness the Regatta. Thanks to my sister-in-christ, Kris for taking good care of me during my entire stay in Zamboanga City and for experiencing the beauty of their place.

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