Batanes of the East: Dingalan Aurora

by - Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Most of the bucket list I know includes Batanes, who wouldn't want to go to Batanes anyway? It's on the top list of my bucket list to visit too but since flights going there before is too expensive (thanks to CebuPacific they now have flights to this beautiful island on a cheaper price) resorting to similar view are some of the options of travelers enthusiasts like me to visits first.

These days, there are number of places that dubbed as like Batanes, there is Batanes of the South which is Catanduanes, Batanes of the West which is Bataan, and there is Batanes of the East which is Aurora. For this post, let me take you to Dingalan, Aurora, dubbed as the Batanes of the East.

Getting to Dingalan Aurora nowadays is easy than before because of so many tours organized going to that place. Not just it offers comfort it is also a hassle-free trip. But of course you have to look for a tour company that is legit and can give you satisfaction.

Book your trip with! It's safe and can guarantee low price!

Before getting a wonderful view, tourist should ride a boat going to this specific resort where you can settle first before going to a half an hour trek to the mountain view. The boat ride will not take you so much time and you'll get to enjoy it since the view while on boat is spectacular.

Upon arrival at your designated resort, your guide will explain further details and pre-cautions and background about the place. You may ask questions and raise your concern before you start. The trek is not hard and is advisable to beginners. Youngster go in there even a five year old can do the trek.

I suggest going in there as early as you can and start your adventure when the sun is not on its peak yet no to mention tourists arrives around 8 am to 10 am and it became crowded up there.

The trail can be muddy when its raining and trek can be hard at times so make sure to check the weather and wear proper shoes for it to avoid bruises and getting into mud. But regardless, you can always wash your feet when you go down, muddy are part of the fun!

The view at the top is mesmerizing. I haven't been to Batanes so I can't compare, but the beauty of Dingalan is a must visit. Take advantage if you arrive early because you have all the time for your group to take a lot of photos.


Day 0

2200 Meetup at Jollibee Farmers
2300 ETD to Dingalan


0500 ETA at Dingalan | Register
0530 Boat Ride to White Beach (Isla Dinagat)
0600 Breakfast (own account)
0630 Start tour (Lighthouse, View Deck, Lanaw Cave, Tanawan Falls) Lunch in between at White Beach
1100 Lunch (Boodle fight with buko juice included in the package)
1300 Tour continues
1600 End of tour | Wash Up
1630 I ♥ Dingalan Photo Ops
1700 ETD to Manila
2200 ETA Cubao


- At least 2L Water
- Headlamp/ Flashlights
- Poncho/ Raincoat
- Clothes (Pamalit)
- Sunblock (optional kung ayaw niyo mangitim :P)
- Cap / Scarf / Arm Sleeves
- Breakfast / Snacks
- First Aid Kit
- Umbrella
- Swimming Attire

My trip to Batanes of the East, Dingalan, Aurora dated last July 16, 2017 is an official entry to my 81 Before 30 Challenge.

Updated schedule for Dingalan tour this April 7! PM me :)

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