11 Reasons Why You Should Not Date a Girl Who Loves To Travel

by - Saturday, December 24, 2016

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1. She’s always MIA. Why? Because she is out there living her life. It is either she is summiting a mountain or catching some waves or probably somewhere else exploring less traveled places. She don’t stay in one place. She is not always home. She’s always on the move. Her weekend is spontaneous and may change depending on her mood. And if you can’t keep up on her busy schedule maybe you aren’t ready for it.

2. She has already plotted her plans for the next two years of her life and clearly you are not part of it. (Well, not yet, maybe you have to prove whether you are worthy to be in it) Next two years meaning that every weekend on every month she has a plan for it. But it may still change, well again, depending on her mood. You can’t just invite her out for a dinner or watch a movie because aside from the fact that she hates that and that she can do that herself she already has a plan for that specific date. She probably can't make it on your most special day or whatsoever.

3. Her life is messy and her things untidy. Or is it the same? She really don’t care about how she looks. Her cap, bandana, her shorts, camera, and oversized shirts is all she need and she’s good to go. She probably wears that shirt for consecutive three-day straight now while she’s on the road and she doesn’t care. Her bag is full of unwashed clothes and smelly socks and she don’t care. 

4. She will keep you waiting and that kind of sucks right? She already made a solo plane booking on some isolated islands and no returning ticket yet for she don’t know whether she wanted to come home soon or stay a little longer.

5. She is independent and she don’t need you. She’s been travelling for over a year now on her own and face obstacle on the road on her own and overcomes it on her own. ON HER OWN. She don’t need rescuing not from you or anyone else. She can slay the dragon herself.

6. She has her own definition of fancy date so be careful. Her definition of a fancy date is either under the starry sky while lying on the sand on her favorite surf spot or at the top of any mountain while watching the clouds passes by. But date means, a date with herself.

7. She don’t have enough time for you. You can’t just call or text or message her all the time. She is busy taking photos, running some trail, and of course catching a wave.  She won’t reply immediately. She hates bugging with some clingy guy who can’t respect her time.

8. On her free time, she’s on the internet researching for new places to explore. She uses her spare time to make her itinerary for her next trip and to the other. Bothering her on times like this will put you to hell.

9. She falls in love immediately with the people or person she met on the road because of their story and their culture and how they live their lives. It doesn't mean she isn't loyal. She just craves for something very unusual.

10. She is eccentric and too crazy for you to handle. There is more to adventure and discovery. She craves and values and enjoys her freedom, personal space and time. She hates her day-job because she thinks it is too normal. She may change her mind over a thousand times because she knows there are a thousand possible options out there and that’s beyond crazy because she does everything she can to break away from routine.

11. She’s too far from settling down. Yes, she thinks of a family with a baby but it scares her. Because she knows she can’t settle on one place for longer time. She wants to live on the road, buy some truck or used buses and turn it to her customized home. She wanderlust and normal people can’t and will never understand that. She is a wanderer. She wanders and wanders and no one knows not even herself when and how it will end.


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  1. Ellie, I think the more you live your life and travel... the more you will draw people to you xox

    Merry Christmas, enjoy the holidays with your family and friends xox


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