Dream Hair

by - Tuesday, December 13, 2016

On my last out of town trip, I've made an impromptu decision on my hair. Though this plan is way back months ago and I decided to have it early next year, this was not on the plan but I did anyway. If you are so confused what am I talking about it here, I'm talking about me getting dreadlocks. Yep. You read that right, guys. Dreadlocks. I know some don't approve if this kind of hairstyle and many will not be able to pull this off, because, well, obviously, there are only a few people who have dreadlocks, especially, women, or its just that I know few of none at all.

Why dreadlocks? Of all the hairstyle out there, why this one. For the past years, my hair has been to one style to another, jumping from different colors, dying my hair, perming it, you name it, my hair's been there. And this time, I wanted something more of me that resembles that way I am living now. Untamed, Bold, and Free. Just like my tattoos.

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I always admire people with dreadlocks as their hairstyle because I know it is some kind of expressing yourself and a form of art. It is self-explaining yourself without having to speak.
There is something with dreadlocks that mesmerize me that makes me want to try that hairstyle. Little did I know my fantasy will come to reality when I visit, probably one of my favorite provinces in my country.

A local and the one who manage this surf camp where I stayed who became my friend knows how to do it. I have mentioned it to him and he says that if I want to he can do it on my hair for free. Dreadlocks are very costly. And this is an opportunity. I said, yes, of course. But not all. Part of me can't let go yet of my long straight black hair.

I've got five strands of dreadlocks on the right side of my hair. It was awesome in the first days. So many photo ops have been made since I've been to four different beaches and it has been the center of my photos. But as days goes by a load of having dreadlocks slowly starting to show off. It was harder than I thought. If you knew me personally, you know I don't really put much effort into making myself look neat and proper. Seriously, whatever shampoo and conditioner is available inside the bathroom that's what I'll be using. Itchiness started to unveil, so much hair fall, dandruff, I can feel some small wounds on my scalp and so much more. To make it short, dreadlocks became a burden to me as we speak. Now I just want my hair to be Dream Wheat Hair again. Just like the old times. Healthy long black hair. I will not wait for it to be in so much trouble.

I know I really wanted to have this kind of hair and it is my dream but I guess I am not ready yet to have this. I am not prepared for what is coming. I did no research on how to handle this before getting it.

But, honestly, I am torn between removing it or continue this mess but do something about it to make it looks healthy and all.

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