Quick and Spontaneous: Bantayan Island Experience

by - Thursday, September 24, 2015

My favorite photo of us three!

My friend who's now living at Manchester is coming home to the Philippines. It's been two years since her last visit here. When she told us that she's coming home we lists several places and activities that we want to do when she gets home. Mhejie along with Kisa are the two girls that I can say my best of friends from college. Just a quick history of our friendship: we've met during our first year at college and instantly on the first day we became super friends until now even if we are not seeing each other often. Mhejie leaves school and migrates at Manchester during our first year and wasn't able to finish the school year, on the other hand, me and Kisa remained classmates until second year college because after that I stop school and when I return we seldom see each other since we don't have any common subjects to share with but the friendship remains up to we speak.

Mhejie is coming together with her boyfriend and will be staying at Cebu most of her vacation since the guy's hometown is there. She says, if its possible to visit her there. Kisa already saying yes and waiting for my reply but hell yeah its going to be fun and its our first so yeah. Lucky for us, there's a seat sale at Cebu Pacific that we manage to book a flight even if it's just two weeks away.

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Fast forward to our Cebu flight! It's my first time to be flying to Cebu and my first to flight alone with Kisa and another first for just the three of us! Mhejie was already waiting for us at the Cebu.

Our flight schedule was 5:30 in the morning so we left Manila and head to airport as early as 2 am?  Good thing we leave early because I did not pay attention closely on which airport we are departing.

I love it most when Mhejie’s guy decided not to come with us. It means solo trip with my girls. The travel from Cebu city to Bantayan Island took us 6hrs! Yeah, that was far. A taxi ride going at the terminal, a bus ride going to the ferry, and from ferry going to which resort you prefer.
First in a long time!

I must commend and suggest you include Bantayan Island on your bucket list. It is a must! And I swear you will enjoy the place as much as we do. It is perfect for couple, because unlike Boracay, which is alive and partying til you drop, Bantayan Island is the complete opposite. It is very quiet, very solemn, and few people who go there. I bet it’s the time travel, but its all worth it. Again, if you are looking for quiet and just an island for yourselves, Bantayan is the island to go.

We left Cebu city around 8am and reach the island around 2 in the afternoon. That was a hell of a bumpy ride but all worth it. The long conversation during the trip is what makes it more fun. Let’s emphasize the topics. Haha! Oh, memories!

The long drive to Bantayan Island, wait, did I say its worth it? How many times did I mention it already? HAHA! The photos below will surely give justice to what I am saying here.

 Did I already mention that I have a undying fascination with sunsets? To every place that I go to I always look forward to a beautiful sunset. Here in Bantayan Island its not on the beach side but on the other side but though like that its by far the most beautiful sunset I've ever seen in my life! See the photos below and you'll understand why.

Since there’s no partying here, sleeping as early as you can is one of the most popular thing to do.

Mhejie need to leave early the following day since she has another trip with her guy so me and Kim decided to stay and explore the rest of the island.

It has been one of my favorite island and experience since we are riding in a motorcycle. Yep, the two of us on the back of a guy who we rented to tour us. The place is still beautiful despite the calamity that hit it year ago. The people are very polite and hospitable. There is no fast food here. No Mcdo or even jollibee, one of the local that we happen to chitchat told us that the officials there wanted to preserve the locality of the place and for the people who is in food business will always have profit instead of having a fast food in the place.

After lunch, we leave the beautiful place since it will took us another 6 hours travel going back to Cebu city.

On my next travel post will be our adventure at Cebu City.

First ever out of town trip with girlfriends at Bantayan Island, Cebu dated last May 8-10, 2015 is an official entry to my 81 Before 30 Challenge.

With so much love, Ellie

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