Classy And Magical Night Experience

by - Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Short Prom Dresses

Have you imagined yourself in a beautiful dress in a beautiful place be it a castle, a garden, or a beach? You know, like in a fantasy, in a fairytale? Dancing with all your heart with a good music with someone? I don't know if it's just me or anybody else have this imagination as mine every night before I go to sleep. Perhaps, it is because I am so fond of watching Barbie movies and fairy tales.

Actually, the scenario is the same but what I am wearing usually all the same: a backless long lace dress. I've always wanted to wear one, anything flowy and lacey and ruffle. It's like what you see in fantasy movies. I guess there's always this fantasy in me that will never leave. Like somehow you escape your life today and succumb on that paradise.

In line with that, I want to find that perfect long dress that will make my fantasy perfectly. I found one at WishesBridal. The color is black but what I have in mind is actually white and it is a long sleeve evening dresses. But all the same: the style, the cut and the exact detail. I’ll include a photo below so you can see what it is I am talking about here.

Aside from what I saw they have a wide range of beautiful long evening dresses that really caught my eyes. Haha! Incorporating those and turning it into one. That’s how my imagination works. I don’t know why I am so fond of lace materials especially on dresses. They look so sophisticated and classy. Not to mention so vintage looking! WishesBridal definitely have those I have in mind.

This is what I am talking about. Beautiful isn't it?

These are some that I find beautiful as well.

 Did I mention that Cinderella is my favorite princess? Ugr imagine my happiness when I saw this Cinderella dress!!! ugrrr 

With all honesty, I still believe that one day I’ll be wearing one. Not exactly on what on my mind is but somehow, somehow the same. I still believe that though reality is far more different than our fantasies somehow we can make it come true in such a way to fulfill it. And that night will the most classy and magical night experience. And after all, we are ladies who believe in those.

Do you have any fantasies? Let me know on the comments!

with so much loves, Ellie

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  1. Lovely looks!


  2. Ellie, that black backless dress is very pretty, I love lace too... it is romantic xox

  3. All the time! Especially in pink as it's my favorite color.<33
    These designs are so beautiful.

    Vegetarian CourtesyCheese with Papas

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  5. I am adoring this look. It's so beautiful yet fantastic; these dresses look amazing!

    Heather Murray
    Lifestyle Blogger


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