DIY Honday Bay Adventure

by - Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Here's another DIY travel post. This time we're going Honda Bay! This post is a sequel of my DIY Underground River adventure. Not so long ago, we manage to visit not just one landmark of Palawan but two. Honday Bay is much nearer than that of Underground River. All you need is a tricycle if you are tight in budget. But if you are in group you can rent a van. But since its just me and my friend we prefer going there via tricycle.

As for this trip, as I mentioned on the UR adventure, we contacted different people and asked for their price, the lowest price they gave is Php 1,400 each. But since we already did a DIY on UR why not on Honda Bay?


Going to Honda Bay is very easy. We leave the pension at 6:20 in the morning and arrive at the port at exactly 6:50 am. It is very important to go to the port early specially when you are travelling on DIY basis. Because most of the time there are travelling agency who can booked a lot in one day.

1. Ride a tricycle and asked the driver to bring you to Sta. Lourdes Wharf.
2. It should not cost a lot but of course there are some drivers who will asked much. But try to haggle guys. Our driver asked for only 200 pesos.
3. You can ride a multicab with a signage of Honda Bay but you might have to wait since there are no multicab as early as 6 am

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Upon arriving at the port it is not open yet and we are first on the line. But the old folk there already assist us and asked us to wait for a while. When the office in charge arrives she immediately told us that we can rent a boat for ourselves, thus we need to be grouped to others. Which we prefer not to. The main reason why we don't want to be grouped with others is that, we have the whole day to spend at the Honday Bay and there are a lot of island you can choose from, what if the other group are on limited time only and we didn't agree on the same island that we want to go to? I did argue with the lady at the desk and demand that we go there earlier that everyone so we can save our slots. But the smallest group they can accommodate are 6 per group. The lady next to me have the same dilemma. They are 4 with her Mom and Dad and younger sister. To make the story short we decided that we join each other since they have the whole day for this trip too like ours and we talked about the islands we want to go to. Lucky that we decided to go to same islands.

1. Register first with your name and the rest of your group.
2. They only allow minimum of 6 per boat. The maximum I guess is around 14. If you are just travelling alone or just the two of you like what happened to me be sure to look for a group who are the same as what you prefer. Lucky for us though. The management will insist this because they maximize that number of boats especially on peak days so if you are travelling on DIY I suggest you go with your friends earlier than usual. 
3. Pay for the boat. The price of the boat is 1,300 pesos for the group of 6 and will go to 4 different islands. Since we are 6 in the group we divide it into 6. 216 each
4. Note that there are entrance fee for all of the island. But you have to pay for it on the island itself.
5. You can bring foods. You can eat while on the boat or while at the islands. There are cottage to rent too, but if you will not take much time its best to leave your belongings at your boat, the boatman will have to take care of it though. 
6. The only island who offers food is the Cowrie island. Usually, its the last stop for island hopping since its the nearest from the port. They have eat all you can for only 250 pesos.

(photo not mine. credits to the owner)

Going back there are tricycle at the port. As for us, the family that we went to rent a van and wholeheartedly lend us a ride back where we wanna go.

Hope this post serves as a help for your next travel!

Breakdown of Expenses
Tricycle - 200 pesos
Boat rentals - 1,300 divided by 6 = 216 each
Lunch Buffet - 250 pesos
Luli Island Entrance - 60 pesos
Starfish Island - 50 pesos
Cowrie Island - 75 pesos
Total - 851 pesos



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