Nov 02, 2011 "Busy Day Ahead"

by - Saturday, November 05, 2011

This is what I'm wearing last November 2, 2011. As you see, classes and works are back to normal from holiday. Since I don't have a class during Wednesdays I do have naman a meet-up with my gff's boyfriend. I'll deliver their orders from my shoppe. Here are their orders. :)

3 pouch back pack all worth 1,500 pesos. Cheap e? :D

I should be meeting, Richard, a friend of mine or Andres, but neither of them can't make it and I don't feel like hanging out at the mall I decided to go home na and stay at Cez's house. But before that I feel so dizzy because I'm oh so hungry, it's lunch time so fastfood chains will be full and  my last resort would some restaurant that seems so empty every time. I came across sbarro and it's quite some time since I eat there. 

It's funny, every time I left no option where to eat I always end up at sbarro, and it never fails me naman. I really love its baked zitti. :)))

And then after eating I decided to go straight to my friend's house. We haven't seen each other for like weeks already. She's actually the one who took my pictures that's why I have something to post on my lookbook and chictopia. Thanks dude! And of course nanood kami ng mga pang-hapong drama haha! Kung Aagawin Mo Ang Langit is really feisty this past days. Sobrang nakakahook! Then her mom send us some foods, fishballs!! :))

yumyum! :))

I'm hoping for a more benta on my shop! Wiiiii :D

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