My Fashion Bumps of The Week: "Hello Tangerine!"

by - Tuesday, November 29, 2011

So, ugh, it's been like a week or two since I last post here. Busy outside and too tired when I'm home. Seriously, I've been so weak these past days without knowing why, I feel so exhausted much that when I'm at home I don't really feel like doing anything.(sounds familiar?heh) So before malihis ng landas 'tong post ko, I really want to share with you guys what I bought last last week. :)

I seldom hang-out at SM Fairview for the last months I just go there if my little will ask a favor to buy something for him, credits to Starbucks planner that me and my friends is now busy hanging-out there. One day, when I get a chance to roam around I find this new boutique that was located at the very end of the mall before the annex. I immediately saw this satchel bag that I really wanted to have. I was surprised when I saw it's price, it's cheap for a gorgeous bag like that. But I don't have money that time and it took me a month to finally bought it. Heh So last last Saturday I finally bought it for only 599 pesos. Yep, cheap e? But this mini satchel is really really cute. I was torned between two colors but my friend Mardie and some cool staff help me decide. I bought the tangerine color. Since I really really like the color green, I ask Andres if he can bought it for me for his Christmas gift to me! Haha grabe no? :D (looks like I'm so obsess with satchels na /3)

See?? It's very cute. :D

So I'm already inlove with this store. Charlie. When I bought this mini satchel I saw this cute chiffon top and *ding! and it's "I-want-to-wear-this-on-our-Christmas-party" line that goes on and on. But I didn't buy it the same day. The following week, well that's last week where I finally bought it. I bought it for only 699 pesos.

Hello to my chiffon tangerine. :)
Well, I'm still thinking what to pair, any suggestion guys? I go for shiny dark pants but my friends suggest of a short, what about you guys? :)

My two tangerine in my wardrobe :D

I'm loving Charlie. The store ok? I think it's just new here in the Philippines. Well, thank you for coming over here! We already have this joke that's it's my new store, because I've been planning to buy this cardigan like top. heeh

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  1. I hate you! You never introduced me to Charlie. I thought that the tangerine chiffon top you bought was from the Department Store. I so effin hate you for having that satchel.


  2. Hi chard! haha! Sorry, seriously? I never told you?? I remember pulling it out from the charlie bag. Anyway, I'll bring you there sooner. :)


Thanks for the wonderful message!