FBTW: 11/7/11

by - Monday, November 07, 2011

Another fashion bumps! Again, these are not the latest but wanna share with you what I've bought over the internet so I can suggest to you an online shoppe which can be trusted! :)

okay. Let's start.

I've been wanting to buy/have a maong shorts. Really. I do have lots of shorts already but not maong. My ate bought me one when she's in the US but it's not that I don't like it but I'm not into darker shade of maong e. I've been searching online too but came across to some that costs too much. Well, 350 is too much for me! haha! Because I'm thinking if ever I'll bought online worth 350 + shipping fee of 100(because I live at Bulacan) that will cost me 450 already! And I've seen at the mall like worth 300 already, but as I've said 300 is too much for me! I'm so kuripot no?? :D

So when I came across this online shoppe while I'm just browsing on my phone. I was so stunned about the price they put on as title of their album! All their shorts is worth 150 pesos only!! I really wanted to buy this high-waist short not thinking if it will fit me or not. See? I'm so like that, so impulsive, everything that caught my eye. geez! Anyway, at first it was already reserved but the shoppe owner pm'ed me and says the buyer didn't get it and voala! it's for me talaga. :D

Cute e? I bought it at Kajanna Davao on facebook. They're very friendly and easy to transact with. Since they reside at Davao I really need to pay for the shipping fee but it's all worth it. 250 is not that much. haha!

 This is my first ever cropped-top! Just for 180. Bought it at RunwayClothing Co. Visit them on facebook!

So much for my fbtw post! :)

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