Balacay Point in Baras Catanduanes

by - Friday, March 10, 2017

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The first and foremost place I want to visit in Catanduanes is their Balacay Point or the Batanes of the South. During my research about the place it is one of must-visit and I can't agree more for it offers a great view and even if I didn't get to see Batanes yet I know the resemblance is there. 

Getting to this place is not as easy as it seems. Yes, the harder getting to a place the worthier? This is one of those.

Arriving lunch time in Virac and having so much little time exploring this island I waste no time and asks the inn I'm staying how to go there. Since there is no direct trip going to Balacay Point one must rent a habal-habal or a pedicab or if you have enough budget you can rent a car to bring you there.

But if you are not in a hurry and have a plenty of time you can commute to Baras and ask the driver to drop you at the jump off going up to Balacay Point.

But I must warned you that the jeepneys going to Baras is limited and waiting may take up to 2hrs for it to be full of passengers. Again, they never leave until it was full. Well, that was my experience last year. I was at the terminal around 12nn and its almost 2pm and the jeep never leaves yet. I only have overnight for this trip so waiting like this eats so much of my time. Good thing a friend of mine lives there and volunteer to take me there. Honestly, I don't want to bother him I just asked him other ways to go there and he volunteers immediately to bring me there. Be friendly. :P

Taking habal-habal is much faster, we drove for an hour and half going there. Staying there won't take you so much but if you want you may bring food and go picnic there, the view is fantastic! Though it can get very hot because it is an open field. There is a shed but can only accommodate one group.

Others have it a sidetrip to those who visits Puraran Beach who is just besides it. You can also see the Puraran Beach on the top of Balacay Point. Puraran Beach is on my list too and plan on taking my first surf there but too bad I need to cost cut and since trips are very limited and I need to catch the ferry boat the next day back to Albay I need to give-up Puraran on my list, after all, I saw it, though from afar.

Aside from Puraran Beach, what welcomes you upon arriving at the point is the partial of Pacific Ocean. The view is spectacular! No words can explain the beauty of it. And if you will try surfing in Puraran Beach you'll get to surf in Pacific Ocean itself! Isn't that amazing? :D

Puraran Beach as seen from Balacay Point

More Photos :)

My visit on the Batanes of the south, Balacay Point, Baras, Catanduanes dated last August 18, 2016 is an official entry to  my 81 before 30 challenge.


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