Tayamaan Beach, Occidental Mindoro

by - Friday, March 31, 2017

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We are very fortunate for giving special treatment from the locals of Mamburao Town in Occidental Mindoro. After a fun-filled and fulfilling previous day with the Turawan Community of Mangyan in Sablayan we decided to hit the sea and splash into some waters. After all, Mindoro are surrounded by body of waters.

Tayamaan Beach is located North-West of Mamburao. Its a long stretched of light brown to crystal color sand. There is no entrance fee but you can rent a nipa hut or picnic cottages that is present along the beach.

Maybe because there is no entrance fee and no one really owns the place, some parts of the beach has garbage already. No one maintains the beach but I think we should stop this kind of mentality, we ourselves need to be mindful of our trash wherever we go. But aside from that, the beach is friendly with kids, its shallow on the shore. There are some part where there are stones and some seaweeds. On the farthest side of the beach the sand became pristine sand unlike the sand near the dock where the sand is grayish that turns crystal when the sun is high. But the water is definitely clear here. Just be mindful of the boats that fishermen uses to catch fish, they disembark on some part of the beach but definitely not occupying the entire beach because really it is a long stretch of beach. How many times I've mentioned beach? :P

On the other side of the beach.

Since the other side is full of boats and fishermen I asked my friends to go to the farthest side where no boats disembarks and they agreed. As you walk towards the farthest side you can see the change in the sand from gray to light brown. And you can also see clearly that the island is really like the snout of the crocodile. 

We spend most of our time here. There are no other people swimming except us. The water is clear but a little smelly because of the seaweeds but who are we to complain? It's their home anyway. And I just love how clean the water is.

It is not much popular to tourists and mostly locals are the one going in here so you can have it all to yourself. Just be mindful of our trash, please.

More photos below!

One of the nipa huts you can rent.

cute cradle!

In love with coconuts!

Beware of some small jellyfish.

My visit on this unspoiled beach in Mamburao, Occidental Mindoro, dated March 30, 2017 is an official entry to my 81 Before 30 challenge.

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