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by - Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Nowadays, you can be as fashionable even when you are in the beach. Because of that many shops came with a great idea and that is to create clothes that will satisfy every girls need on the beach and I'm one of them, for sure!

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Of course, bikinis are not only the thing you need when you go to the beach because it is not all the time you will be wearing bikini on your entire trip in the beach, right? Whenever I go to the beach I always bring something to pair with my bikini be it a shorts or any top, just so you know, change of outfit! haha!

But how do you stand-out in  a beach with all those sexiness ladies in bikini? Of course, we have our own choice of color on the beach but I know everyone will stand out if one is wearing something crochet-y! Especially now that crochet is in, for sure crochet bikini top will be a satisfying steal going to the beach.

But to avoid over-baggage, you can always wear your bikini inside then wear something comfy outside while wearing your shorts. This V Neck Slit Short Sleeve that looks so fresh will sure compliments the beach-y feels.

Of course some beach outing will never be complete without partying at night. In some days, I enjoy this activity, so one must not forget to bring their sexy fab short party dresses for beach party! You can never go wrong with white dress on the beach, trust me, it does a wonder. :) And look what I've found from StyleWe! This white cutout lace dress is just so perfect!

If you are still having a problem with what to wear for any occasions, StyleWe is readily available with all their fashionable designs and on cheaper price! They have on going sale and I'm pretty sure you'll spot one that you like.

Eyeing this one below

Visit their website for more. :)


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  1. It's already summer here in PH. I can feel the heat na hahha :) How are you Ellie?

    I've been on blog hiatus for long, haha! But now I've redesigned my blog and trying to get back. Great to catch up with old blogger friends as well like you, my dear! Keep it up!

    ♥ Chai Chen ♥ @chenmeicai


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