Denim Polo As Cover-Up

by - Wednesday, August 12, 2015

I don't really own much of a cover up pieces. This Cebu trip with my girlfriends are spontaneous and I only got a money for buying new swimsuits which means improvising for my coverups! Not only swimsuits are vital on every out-of-town-beach getaway but coverups as well. Because you'll be flaunting it on top of your beautiful swimsuit! There are loads of new cover-ups out there in the market now but I really find it so costly for just a thin and simple piece of cloth. I was able to find at $3 but I lend it to one of my friend and you can see it here in the photo, the one beside me.

I rummage my closet trying to look for alternatives, then I think of this denim polo that I owned that I never wore often since I only use it at coverups whenever I wear sleeveless inside at malls or simply just going out.

This specific denim is light and very comfy, not to mention cotton. It is different from other denim which is rough and thick. As you can see on every photo it is flowy and obviously so thin. I didn't have any second thought and put it inside my baggage and tada! it looks exactly what I have in mind. 

Sometimes, there are things in our closet that we disregard or we thought only have one purpose but if we try to be creative and resourceful we can not just save money but put into use clothes that are stock on our closet.

What are the clothes you put into use aside from the reason you bought it?


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  1. Beautiful beach photos!

  2. Your one piece is adorable and the chambray shirt used as a cover up is a great idea! Hope you enjoyed your trip Ellie! :)

  3. Beautiful photos dear!

  4. Eliie, your improvised cover up looks great... I agree we should try to have more than one use for our clothing ♡ xox

  5. Great post and amazing pictures :)...thx for sharing!

  6. I think after reading your post i should rush to my closet and find out the clothes i disregarded...
    Amazing postt loved it

  7. Beautiful photos, the beach is lovely.

  8. Aww amazing photos, beautiful ladies :) Thank you for sharing this with us hun. Enjoy the rest of you week. Follow my blog if you want to enter my monthly give away, I pick 3-5 people each month.


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