Checkered and Distressed

by - Friday, August 28, 2015

This is probably one of my favorite outfit post that I will be sharing to you. If you have notice I rarely wear any denim pants because I have a hard time finding the right fit and size and the length plus all of my denim pants before got loose after several washing and it looks ugly, really. I stop wearing denim pants for 2 yrs now I guess. But since this ragged and distressed jeans comes out I can't help but keep an eye on it.

The very first distressed jeans that I own was a washed color (see it here)  and a black one (see it here). Both are my old jeans that I am not wearing anymore and decided I put into good use. I am the one who tear it off and transform into new one. Time in time I admire those highwaisted jeans, I actually own one but its a shorts. There are a lot of online shop that sells highwaist denim distressed jeans but I am afraid to buy because it might not fit me well.

I decided to roam around mall, my favorite is Trinoma at quezon city. They have a wide range of boutiques that sells clothes that can be found online too. Lucky me I found this jeans. But then again, the struggle is real. The medium size doesn't fit me well, I mean it fits but when buying denim jeans you have to consider a lot of things, the fit on the waist, hips, torso, and all the way to its length. You also have to consider its fit when you are sitting (haha yeah I always did this, walking, sitting, bending, anything that will feel comfort or not) see? I have trust issues with denim jeans! HAHA!

Anyway, this large size is fine though so I buy it. It does fit but I can't wear it more often because the one I bought is not soft cloth. Maybe I should look for way more comfy one.

Would you guys believe me if I say this checkered polo that I am wearing is a uniqlo brand that I bought at some ukay near my place? I am really an Ukay fan. I've got loads of my clothes there and its much cheaper. If you are very keen and patient you can find something from there you wouldn't believe. This is so comfy and very light. The fabric is good and I can just pair it with anything. Plus it looks good on denim too!

This particular black bag is 5 yrs old already, I've been with this since college and it still looks good though but with some scratches at the bottom but still I can use it. I love how I manage to keep and buy a black bag for myself. If you've read my previous post on my wishlist I include a 2 black bag. haha! I need white and black things in my life now.

Honestly, since I started working I kind of thought about the way I dress. Maybe because I worked at a business formal wearing attire company and we are required to wear such everyday I kind of started wearing blacks and whites more often. I am actually a fan of bright and colorful outfit but I guess everyone comes to that point where you change your fashion icon or upgrade it. So for the past months I've been buying white and black clothes. :D

Pagbigyan niyo na ako sa mga susunod na mga litrato! :D

With all honesty, when it comes to fashion I am really bad at accessorizing. Sad to say when I look back at my old outfit posts, there are times when I exclaimed "what the hell were you thinking wearing those watch of that color on that dress?" HAHAHA or any bracelets or necklaces for that matter. And for the record I don't own much of accessories. Hindi ko rin kasi alam pano ipapartner. haha! But I do have a lot of watches. My parents used to buy me when I was little and not just a toy watch but a real one. I remember having branded watch at the age of 8 already. But all of them are battery failed already and it costs much so they remain as my collection only. It's actually my favorite accessories that I guess I get from my mom and I think its one of the most important thing you need to have with you whenever you go out though nowadays people use phones to check on the time but it's less hassle when you wear one. I want to invest on good watches because watch alone can boost any outfit. I found one actually, well aside from the wishlist that I publish the other day, surprisingly I found one at Zalora that sells watch too. It's Valentino. I used to know this brand because I did had a wallet but their watch is something that caught my eye and I didn't know that but with its design its like time is always on your side with Valentino that is available at Zalora.

If you can see my outfit it lacks on something I guess I really need a new working watch right away.

The three photos above are a well it looks like I am dancing because yeah I am haha! Caught on camera darling!

The last four photos are somewhat my favorite. :D 

Is there anything about fashion that you are not afraid to say that you are bad at it? If there's any what are those? 

Have a great day ahead everyone!

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  6. I wish distressed boyfriend jeans looked that good on me.Vegetarian CourtesyCheese with Papas


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  9. Super cute outfit!! Denim looks so good on you. Good luck finding the perfect pair!

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