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Jhec's been mentioning going on the top of the Basilica De San Martin De Tours, whom actually identified as the largest Catholic church in Asia, I'm just like "yeah, sure, why not" It's like, I'm here so why not try everything she tells me otherwise how would I know something if I haven't try it?

After the parade, Jhec's finally got some buddies to accompany us going there. I can say, my most favorite people in Taal, Batangas, they're so friendly, very accommodating, so fun to be with and you can just be yourself with them thought it's just the first time you've met them. In short, I enjoyed their company. We had so much laugh in here.

So let's start my adventure on reaching the top of the largest Catholic church in Asia.

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Frontal view of the church.
It's definitely a huge church. Very grotesque but really overwhelming inside, so peaceful and beautiful in every corner of the church. Not until you go inside its walls. There is this way going to the top of the basilica. It's a bit suffocating especially to those claustrophobic because really those passage ways are very narrow, only one person can pass through.

On our way to start our trip. :)

Of course, every corner, and every step of the way should you take some shots :)

Let me introduce first my companion for this day, on the left most in front is Ate Dina, followed by Ate Jhen in the middle, and Kuya Warren, husband of Ate Dina, on the back is me and Jhec. Ate Anna was the one taking this photo. :)

See how narrow it is? 

They say it's the largest bell in the Philippines. This can be seen when you're heading to the top. :)

Picture taken in front of the biggest bell. :)
One of the things you will see up there.

I got really scared when we reached the top. I really don't have any fear of heights but this one I can't take. See how I look like? Ate Jhen keeps on laughing but she and Kuya Warren made it to the other side. While me and Ate Dina stays here. :p

So, yeah, still stuck where I seated, I'm afraid to move a bit. :p




Pictures a-d are the views you can see while you're on top of the basilica. Beautiful isn't? :) It's breathtaking landscapes. Fresh air. Goose bumps. Everything. It's a wonderful feeling seeing those. :)






Pictures e-i was taken on the other side of the top, I wasn't able to go there because I'm really am shaking already. :p Nice view though from where I'm seated. :p

When they're done, I'm still here with Ate Dina stuck in our place, unable to move. :p

Going down. My four found friends. :) Happy meeting you guys! :D

That ends my exciting trip to the top of Basilica De San Martin De Tours. It was indeed fun and I would like to go back, really, and when I do I will really go to the other side. I need to conquer my fear. :D

And oh, by the way, there's an entrance fee going upstairs, but it not much, I forgot how much but I'm pretty sure for the five of us it costs only 200. And they give discounts for students too. :)

Hope you guys out there check this basilica sometimes, its worth it. :)

This is an entry to my 81 before 30 challenge. Batangas, off the list.


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