CNDIRECT Wishlist!

by - Sunday, August 23, 2015

I stumble upon this new online shop CNDIRECT and get excited when I see their collection of bags, not just that but also they offer a sale and a coupon for your purchase, so girls forever love it is SALE and DISCOUNT! I have enough bags in my closet but blacks not one of them. Lately, I've been in love with all black so I immediately search for black bags and saw these two!

I am very into tote bags so I chose this black one and put it on my wishlist! I love the cut and how big it is. It is so simple that I can use it on day to day and with this big I can put everything I want! (ooops! too much?)

Since I am very excited about almost all of their bags I look for something sophisticated and can be use at office which anytime soon I'll be working on one again. So I'll be ready. What I like more here is the design and how classy it looks like. And just like that, ching, wishlist added!

All of my watches are gone, nope, no batteries. haha! So when I explore their site and saw that they offer a wide range of jewelries I immediately select the watch categories and fell in love instantly on this gold watch! Isn't lovely?

These are my wishlist! What do you think? You can have yours too just by visiting their site


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  1. I like the first black bag. Though it looks casual, I think it can work even for the office. :)

    ♥ Louise |

  2. I do like tote bags too, they are so practical!!

  3. Ellie, I love the black totes... they are great and very stylish for carrying many items in xox

  4. Great items Really interesting...thx for sharing!


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