Warby Parker Let's You Do Virtual Try On

by - Wednesday, March 05, 2014

I've been eyeing Warby Parker's sunglasses and eyeglasses since I saw their site. It's where I found glasses hardly found on mall. They have this unique style that can fit your lifestyle. Moreover, it can fit wherever you will go.

What more amazing about this line of glasses is that you get to try it yourself virtually. I know buying of eyeglasses/sunglasses is hard online. Very. Especially like me who is very meticulous and doesn't own a 20:20 vision. It's a must to try it on first and feel it. But thankfully, Warby Parker has this Virtual Try-On. You get to try all of its designs and see for yourself if it suits you or not.

I find it hard at first to try it. I'm landing on this page http://www.warbyparker.com/virtual-tryon and don't know what to do after that. I explore their site and choose first my desired glasses. 

Here's the procedure for a smooth-free virtual try on:

2. Browse your desired glasses 
3. Once you have chosen a specific glasses, on the right panel of the page you will see an option Virtual Try On, and then click it.
4. A box will appear and click on the image to upload your photo. It will ask you whether you want to upload via webcam, your computer, or import from facebook. (I chose upload from computer so I get to try 3 different pose and 3 different looks.)
5. Once done, you can adjust the frame to fit your face.
6. There are also choices on the left you can try like different colors.
7. If you're happy with it you can save the image and viola that's it!

Here are the 3 different frames I've tried.

I love this design and this photo is from me at school. So I guess its pretty much perfect for everyday at school. What do you think?

This cute Aurora sunwear is just perfect for this summer. Yes, summer is just around the corner here in the Philippines. As my picture, it was when we go out in the sun. Perfect right? :)

You probably notice I have a big heart with big glasses. I don't know. I feel vintage-y and awesome wearing one. The bigger and stylish the better! This optical wear is perfect for my office days. :)

So, which one suits me best? Perhaps, all? I'm actually loving it all! Wanna try one? Just don't forget to follow the procedure for a smooth-free virtual try-on!

Wanna know your insights about it. Feel free to leave a comment.


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  1. awesome eyewear!!!! I love it!~

    love lots,


  2. These glasses look great on you Ellie, I like bold an unique but I like mine smaller... I think it is great that there is so much choice now :)


Thanks for the wonderful message!