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We all witnessed Zac Efron's style evolution from High-School Musical baggy days to portraying a more mature role on "The Lucky One" movie. Goodbye baggy days and hello sharp-suited look. But we can see more of his style behind camera, with people following him almost everywhere we get to glimpse how his style is.

If the girls have this rule "Every girl should have a black dress in their closet" Zac Efron has his own version of it. Let me present to you Zac Efron and his khaki pants.

"Every man should have a khaki pants in their closet"

In here we can see how versatile khaki pants is. I know most will say black is! But aren't we all tired of sticking to norms? Black is black already, they've proven their versatility, no argument needed, but if you're looking for some adventure and fresh look, try stealing Zac Efron's style by wearing khaki pants.

But of course, Zac Efron, doesn't limit himself to khaki pants. It's not the only clothes in his closet, I believe. He can also pull-off some sharp-suited look and be absolutely sharp especially when he attended the Cannes.

He surely have evolved his style. Stealing a celebrity's style is quite easy actually, as for my belief. It's not always buying exactly the same as what they wear. It's about buying similarly looking clothes and adding your touch on it. And my forever tip? The lesser the cost the better. Always remember, you don't have to spend a lot to steal a celebrity's style, it's just a matter of incorporating your style and his style. Put it together and I'm sure you'll be looking absolutely great just the way you want it.

If you want to learn more about stealing a celebrity's style, you can always refer to Paul Fredrick's site. There they talk about the dashing Leonardo Dicarpio.

You? Whose celebrity you would love to steal their style? Let me know your choices! 


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  1. He is my fav
    I am inviting you to take part $80 Jollychic Giveaway
    Happy weekend

  2. Nice post!!!!!!!!!!

  3. He has a great style!

    I would steal Zooey Deschanels style, or Sophia Anna Robb's style.

    Corinne x


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