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by - Saturday, March 15, 2014

Short Prom Dresses

Preparing for a wedding is tough. I know. Not because I'm already been there but because I have a friend who's a wedding planner that we help him one time on one event. But before the big event, I know one of the struggle of every woman is coming up with a fabulous and very awesome wedding gown  I know that for sure because even as of before I already picturing what I should wear on my big day! (We'll see if that will happen :p) 

But if you're adventurous enough and don't want to be on the usual wedding gowns trend, you can always go for color wedding dresses 
Take this one for example, if you're like me, a color red lover
you'll find this one very interesting and absolutely gorgeous. Isn't one of the stylish thing ever? It's design and cut makes you stand out from the rest. You'll look outstanding with this mermaid flowers dress. This is just one of so many from DressV  ( collection.

But if you still prefer white with a twist you can always add black color on your wedding dress like this one.

If you want other colors, DreesV got it cover for you. Nowadays, colored wedding dress is in because of evolving in fashion and trends. People are now adventurous and take hold of their own likeness and passion when it comes to choosing their own wedding dress. They skip the mediocrity and be uniquely different from the rest.

Here are some of the designs and colors I chose from their site.

I know all of us women dream of a fairytale for our big day: our wedding day. It's a day where everyone is a blur and we are the center of the attention. We are the protagonist, the leading lady of a film, and the main character. And every one is just part of that sanely moment of your life. (Of course, your love of your life is part of it) But I know it will always boil down to looking absolutely stunning and gorgeous on that day and there's no other way to start it is by wearing the most stunning wedding dress.

If you choose color wedding dress on your big day and having a hard time where to buy you can always check DressV site for more stylish wedding gowns for affordable price.


Now it is homecoming/ prom/ wedding season. Hope the online dress store below can help. wedding dresses

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  1. Love the collection of amazing looks!

  2. The dresses look like Cinderella dresses, so pretty
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  7. Love the red dress, so amazing :)

  8. These are beautiful dresses.... I like the idea of wearing color... I wore a sparkly blue dress to mine :)

  9. Those dresses are amazing!

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  13. Grate look and love your tbdress choice
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  15. These wedding gowns look so stunning. Esp. love the white ones <3

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  16. Such pretty gowns.. wud be helpful when i decide to get married.. thanks fr sharing xo
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  19. Beautiful dresses!
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