Can't Follow More That 300+ Blog?? SOS!

by - Wednesday, March 19, 2014

I've been following a lot of blogs, more than 300+ blogs. And last week, as I was following new blogs I am having a hard time. 

I kept on receiving this message when I try to follow one. 

I tried adding it through my blogger home but after this "message" saving.. I get a message "You are already following the maximum number of blogs (300). Unfollow some other blogs first." Of course I don't want to unfollow you guys. 

Now I try this one, I was able to follow only two. Help!

Is it just me or does anybody share same sentiments? Or you know how to resolve this? let me know please. I do have a lot of new blogs that I want to follow but can't. I have already this pile of list of those blogs saved on my notepad. Please please do help if you know.

I didn't realized there is a limit either or what?


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  1. I am also experiencing the same thing :( blogger is unfair this way right? they have a maximum number of blogs we must only follow. so what i do is, i just bookmark those blogs i can not follow either in gfc, bloglovin or email. :/ it's the only way i can follow without unfollowing other blogs.


    1. I put them all in my notepad, but this is time consuming :( I really hope blogger would fix this :\

  2. That's so weird! I'm following well over 300 blogs and I haven't had that problem. Wish there was something I could to do help ya out!

    xo Azu

    1. I am following over 300 too but I never had this problem before, just now :(

  3. i think we have the same problem... i need a help too...

    1. aww I'll let you know if I come up with a solution. this is frustrating :(

  4. Have you tried signing in and out or refreshing ?
    Maybe you should post this question to the google forums!
    I know someone is bound to answer :)!

    && Thanks for commenting on my blog I am now following you
    hope we can be good blogger friends<3

    Hope you find a solution!
    I'm sure someone had this problem before..

  5. Inanndefinatly following over 300 blogs but never had such issue, many be that have this new thing but its not rut, everyday we find new blogs that we want to read everyday ,this policy will make this imposible
    Google must change it
    Keep in touch

  6. I didn't know either! Let me know if you find an answer... XO

  7. Great insight. I feel like I'm more prepared
    then most and continue to be freaked out daily.
    No matter how much I prepare I know that there is so much more to do. Good luck up in Canada and God's speed.
    Lovely Read!

  8. i think it just started now because I can't follow any blogs anymore ... :( it used to be fine . hmm lets use Bloglovin dear . xx

  9. Hello dear great blog,would you like to follow each other,let me know what you think :)

  10. Hi Ellie! Just let you know that you can't follow more than 300, if you add them in your blogger account, but you can do it if you click directly on "follow" on the GFC widget in the blogs you want to follow ;)
    Anyway, I created a "Yahoo" account some time ago because of that follows limit of the Google, and since then I'm following everybody on GFC with my Yahoo account, and it's great, no problems ;)
    Hope I've helped you! Have a lovely day sweetie<3


    "Saúde & Beleza - Health & Beauty"

  11. Hi Ellie!!!!
    I haven't experienced that but sometimes I have trouble with the links to follow a specific blog- like it won't let me "follow" for some strange reason. I can comment on it and I always read it but it won't let me officially follow it- maybe a computer glitch (?)
    But for the most part I'm able to follow any blog I choose.
    I am a follower of your blog :-)

  12. having the same problem too :( glad i'm not the only one. hope google notices this :( i just add them on g+ or bloglovin, then in the meantime i list their blogs on an excel sheet.

  13. The same thing happened to me and I didn't know why! LOL So thanks for this post! I use bloglovin the majority of the time.

  14. I have the same problem since more than one week now :( I tried it on different computers with different accounts, but always the same.
    I also read some topics in the google blogger forum about this issue, but it seems that there is no solution from Google so far :(


  15. Same problem :(

  16. I can follow but with follow button only))
    I`t was the same when you rut in in the list in your inside blog area

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