An Unforgettable Day Hike: Mt Irid, Rizal's Highest Mountain

by - Tuesday, April 24, 2018

When I plan to climb Mt. Irid I make it sure to read all accounts I can gather. After all, Mt. Irid is the highest mountain in Rizal and consider as major climb though you can do a dayhike with proper understanding of the mountain to align with your itinerary.

We were 10 in the group and its diy. I contacted the person in charge, Sir Pedrito, and send all the requirements one week prior the climb. When we are all set and has the breakdown of expenses we prepare for the climb. I repeatedly told them that Mt. Irid is a major climb and a tough mountain, but regardless, four in our group continue to join us despite having no experience on climbing, yet alone it is their first climb.

What's fascinating about the trails of Mt. Irid is that it consists if not all, most of the different trails out there, river crossings, unlimited assault, steep trails, forest trails, limestone formations, rock formations, not to mentions those limatiks that can be very infested during rainy season. All this were transparently noted to all the participants.



We arrive at Brgy. Sta Ines, the jump off to Mt. Irid around 3 in the morning, but that time they are not allowing hikers to climb that early because it is too dark. After registering and acquiring guides, they gave us two for our group, we started climbing around 4:30 in the morning.

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The first part of the trails consists of 11 river crossings. Some may be even knee deep depending on the water flow or the weather. If there's a storm, or if it rains, the river may not be passable for anyone. One thing to take note is that, limatiks are presents on these rivers.

Part of the climb is to do a tree planting that was included on the itinerary the people in Rizal strictly implementing for only 10 pesos for one seedlings. We comply for its for mother nature anyway and let's hope it'll grow up just like the others too.

By 6 in the morning we are done tree planting and continue our trails to Sitio Sadlak, where they say the real hiking begins and also serves as a camping place for the hikers. There are also bunk houses provided for the climbers. We arrive around a little past 7 in the morning at Sitio Sadlak. The other half of the group were still on their way and we waited for them at Sitio Sadlak and take the time to eat breakfast.


It was still sunny we reach Sitio Sadlak, by 8:00 in the morning we decided to continue our climb. From here on, it will be a continuous ascent up to the summit so I told them to be prepared and leave whatever they don't need up there to lessen the load.

There are two rock formations that marks the trails to summit. By 9 am we were at the first rock formation and another hour we were at the second rock formation. From here, it will take another hour to reach the summit. But after passing the second rock formation suddenly the weather is against our odds. It started raining a little but since it's less than an hour to summit we push through. After all, its still early that time.



It was now raining hard when we reached the summit, we took long because of the steep and narrow and some technicalities to summit and since some of us are first timers I make it sure to avoid accidents and assist them as much as I can. By 12 noon we were at the summit taking photos even though there are no clearing because of the rain and its so foggy and chilling and limatiks seems to have wings up there it was all over our body, our food, everywhere we go. We still manage to enjoy our food and the view and the summit despite the heavy pours of the rain.

We are still waiting for the other two who took long enough because the other one is first timers, they arrive around a 1 in the afternoon. After eating, taking pictures, and given that we can't really rest up there and our guides are a little bit worried because of the rain we decided to go down.




Mishaps happened and I will not elaborate further but problems arise going down. We reached Sitio Sadlak around 7 in the evening. Complete. But bad news is, since the rain won't stop since noon the rivers are now not passable for anyone to cross which leaves us no choice but to stay at the bunk house with other mountaineering groups who got stranded too.

We don't have any exchange clothes. All our clothes are wet from the non-stop rain. We don't have enough food. Some of us have work the following day and its so cold out there with the non-stop rain and the tiring climb since 4 in the morning and the fatigue and all. But we still manage to enjoy the night and hoping for a better weather the next day.


Comes morning the weather is still bad and news from barangay says that the river is still not passable and the water current is dangerous for anyone but anything subsides a rescue team will come and fetch us.

That was the long day of my life traversing to different route to avoid the deadly currents of the river. Though there are still some rivers we need to cross and the currents are all deadliest but we need to cross it if we need to go home. Thank goodness to all the rescuer and the other pro-mountaineers that day that helped together and manage everyone to get back at the jump-off without any casualties.

This climb definitely is one for the books on the climbs that I had. All the lessons and experienced will forever be treasured and will served as something to look back and be a lesson not just for me but for everyone on that climb to be very vigilant when climbing.







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