Where To Stay; Bohol Stefanie Grace Paradise Inn, Loboc

by - Wednesday, February 14, 2018

My first ever solo trip to Bohol is full of excitement. One of those is arranging and booking hotels for myself. That's where I learned about booking.com, it is my trusted site where I book most of my trips for over three years now.

Since I am just alone on this trip, my budget will be alloted more on hotel bookings. So I make sure to look for the cheapest I can get. Stefanie Grace Paradise Inn is one of the cheapest I can find in Loboc, Bohol. The location of the place is accessible to all the spots I will visit at that part of Bohol plus I'll be staying for a night only. That time spending 500 per night is really a plus for me and it is really cheap already.

One thing I love about this Inn is that they have their own pool. There's something about an accommodation with own pool, well, this is just for me. Aside from that, the place looks like a home transform into inn to accept people who are looking for nice and comfy place to stay in Loboc.

Book your trip with Booking.com! It's safe and can guarantee low price!

Books are available per room :)

One thing I love about this inn is that though they are strict with check-out you may leave your things at the reception and continue roaming around Loboc but if there's no confirmed reservation next to you, you may extend time.

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