Uttuh Falls: My Kind of Rainbow After The Rain

by - Thursday, January 12, 2017

"Natagpuan ko na ang falls ng mga uto-uto sa pag-ibig: Uttuh Falls." HAHA!

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I was tired from the climb and all the mishaps I encountered. My guide asked me if I still wanted to visit the falls nearby. At first, I was like, no, I'm dead tired already and wanted to go home(Manila), I think it is pretty normal thinking after you got lost in a mountain with just a guide with you, well, at least, I'm not alone. But you guys seeing this post means I continue my way to the falls.

I've mentioned on my first post and my arrival in Ifugao that they have activity during Easter Sunday. Yeah, my unforgettable first solo hike happens last Easter Sunday. Anyway, Ate Gemma, my guide, will be part of the said activity and will start around six in the evening. Given the time of our arrival from hike she has no time to take me to the falls so instead of her, she said that one of her daughter can take me to the falls, that is, if I still wanted to see it.

Good thing I changed my mind. I will never forgive myself if I missed it!

Going to the falls takes about 20 to 30 minutes and it is all the way down. I can imagine my way up back to jump off and I am feeling tired already. haha! Yeah, I'm exhausted by this time but for the sake of my Project 81 and love of nature let's do this. After all, it is not always I am in Ifugao, so yeah.

Few reminders that everyone should know by heart. LEAVE NO TRACE!

My beautiful and lovely guide :)

some part of the trail going down to the falls :)

View along the way going to the falls :)

More photos of the falls. Enjoy!

Photos on the other side of the falls.

One of my dream! Photos on the bridge :P

Other landmarks of Kiangan you may visit.

Photos says it all. I really wanted to make a quick dip but I am too tired and it was getting dark already and I need to head back to Manila the same night for I have work the next day. Waiting for another mishap? I am. HAHA!

My visit on this beautiful falls at Kiangan, Ifugao, dated last March 27, 2016, is an official entry to my 81 Before 30 Challenge.


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