DealSale Combat Black Shoes Review

by - Sunday, October 04, 2015

These boots just arrived the other day. It was one of my previous wishlist post for dealsale. See wishlist post here. I was so excited to received it since it will be my first to have a combat black shoes. So when the post office texted me that I have a package I am definitely sure that it's the boots.

Actually it was pretty in actual. But what I notice is that it's so smelly, I think its the leather and it clings to my socks all the way to my skin. And its not perfectly made. The sole is not glued/attached properly on the body of the shoes.

I've tried using it once and it separates more! I guess I'll have it repaired immediately, after all, I love the design and it fits beautifully on my feet.

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  1. Love those boots!

    Please click on the link on my post

  2. Nice shoes!

    Perfect look

  3. Nice boots

  4. Love the boots *.*

  5. Hmm, too bad they're poorly made. They look cute!

  6. Forever 21 quality is very bad. Their clothes looks nice but they don't last long. But it's still a nice looking boot.


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