Landybridal And Your Dream Wedding

by - Monday, July 27, 2015

I, myself, picturing one day that I will be wearing a perfect wedding gown. Strutting the aisle while smiling cheerfully  looking straight to the eyes of the man waiting for me at the altar. Isn't such a fairytale scene? Like everything is so white and dreamy and its just you and that special someone, and you wearing the most glamorous wedding dress that day where everyone is looking at you like you are the most beautiful girl on earth?

But of course, searching and looking for a perfect wedding gown is a tough job. As of like years before I already saved images of different gowns that someday I want to wear on my wedding. Yeah! I am that kind of girl. :D But there were some women who struggles on this. So I am here to help you trim down your worries. Landybridal is a leading wedding dress manufacturer that has their own factory. They were operating and has been in the industry for more than 15 yrs now, providing excellent customer service to make your dream wedding come true!

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I believe every girls dream is to wear a perfect wedding gown on their big day. Wedding dress has evolve over time and has been taking the runway scene with a blast. Designers has been creating different and stylish wedding gown that most of the women desire to wear on their big day. One of which is lace wedding dresses, Though lace wedding dresses has been in the game before, market today has evolve its style giving every women another level of sophistication. Good thing, you can found from Landybridal different styles in a very affordable price. They also offer cheap mermaid wedding dresses that will surely fit your style and budget. I will let you see some that really caught my eyes!


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  1. what a lovely collection of dresses! That day will come and you will be happy, and you will smile, and all your guests will smile with you! Kisses, Liuba x

  2. These are all lovely. I like the second one best :)

    xo Azu

  3. amazing pictures :)...thx for sharing!

  4. Great dresses!


Thanks for the wonderful message!