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by - Tuesday, January 13, 2015

red flannel thrifted | hw shorts thrifted | studded ankle boots @kittychullishop on ig

hi guys! Yesterday was my first day and it turns out great though I really need a lot of catching up to do but that's okay at least I will not be idle at work.

I am currently staying here at my sisters place its just around my workplace because my hometown is 3hrs travel going to my workplace and that is very much exhausting and I hate traffic so much  but here it takes only 30mins and I've got to walk much which I prefer because I get to exercise too.

Anyway, the company I am working for requires us to wear business attire every Monday to Thursday that means updating my wardrobe. Or another excuse to go out shopping? :p

Maybe nextweek I'll start going back to the gym, at the end of the street here there's a gym. My work ends at 5:30 pm and I got home about 6 so I have so much time for working out which sounds really really great.

But most of all, I would love to thank you ALL for the warm messages and consistently cheering me up. I love reading your comments it feels like I have so many friends out there who are concerned to me. I am going over your blogs now. I hope I'll be able to cathup with you all.


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  1. Great outfit! I try to make it to the gym after work but it is so hard!! Great post.


    1. i haven't started goinf back to the gym after work. maybe this week. thanks!

  2. Ellie, I do care.. I am happy you are so close to work, I hope you can eventually move closer... I know about the long commute, I travel back and forth on a bus and walking... it takes me almost 3 hours in travel per day... it can be so exhausting. I am hoping there is a way around this and it is something I will be working on this year...

    Have fun shopping for business attire and reach out to me if you ever need to talk xox

    1. aw thats loads. i know the hardship in travelling long hours. i do that way back college. thank you for always being there. it really means a lot to me.

  3. Love your plaid shirt! You rock, Ellie!

    Anne // Anne So Fancy

  4. Nice shirt girl :)

  5. Very cool outfit - love the plaid!

  6. Cute outfit and you are looking so young and sweet!


Thanks for the wonderful message!