For The Love Of Flannel

by - Thursday, November 13, 2014

I know you've seen my off the wall and and blues clues post where I wear my very first, I guess, flannel, ever. Anyway, been so addicting to it that I bought three at once. So, expect an outfit post from me wearing these new babies soon on my blog. But I'm posting first my travel at Boracay. omg I am so left behind with so many posts.

And to realize that I haven't post any hauls for one year! Anyway, so here it is. I bought like last month at some thrift shop. Can you imagine that I only spend $2 for this three? Yep!!! 

I'll give you a sneak peek of my soon outfit post of these.

So, that's it. Hope you stay tuned like you guys always do. Thanks for all the love and comments. Really appreciate it all.


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  1. I love thrift shops! It's like a fashion heaven for low budget fashionistas like me! :)
    Plaids went trending a couple of months back & it's still to trend now. I guess the hardest plaid to look for the is black & red one. It's like the best seller.


  2. really like fennel for winters, so loved the second one
    Keep in touch

  3. Wow Ellie.... $3 for all of these, plaid is one of those patterns that is always in fashion, it's a classic... <3

    Thank you so much for the sweet comment on my blog, I really appreciated it xox

  4. Ellie this kind of cloths are beautiful.
    Te deseo un día muy pura vida.

  5. Love those flanel shirts!

  6. loving thrift shops a lot....the second outfit, ilove....i dont haveplaids, and now im having inspiration from you...thanks...

  7. I love the flannel shirt!


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