Boracay Escapade Day 1

by - Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Imagine not getting on your plane on time?
We were panicking already. Our flight is 10 am and its already 8 am but we are still stock on the traffic. Good thing I know different ways on going to the airport and we take a cab going there. We pay more than usual. But we have no choice. We don’t want to be late. And its our first time to ride a plane.

But we made it still. Thank God for that taxi though he asked for a lot money but still we manage to be there before the call time closes.

Sounds horrible right? But all the stress going to Boracay fades when we arrive at the beach. Well, it took us almost 9 hours from our house (Bulacan) to get there. 

Since I want our trip to be “hassle-free” or so far less “hassle-free”, I’ve already contacted a transfers from airport to the resort and vice versa. Of course thanks to google that I happened to find South West Tours Boracay. They are the friendliest. We pay 1050 for one person and its two way already. The amount covers the 2hr drive going to the port, the boat going to the island, and the cab going to the resort. Not bad actually.

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I’ve reserved a resort where we will be going to stay. Its at Casa Pilar BeachResort Boracay. It’s very cheap, for only 1800 pesos for three days and 2 nights, good for two, and a free breakfast on your whole stay. Catch? Yes!

The place is a paradise! I know people are not lying when they said Boracay is one of the finest beach in the Philippines. I couldn’t agree more!

I would like you to meet my company for this wonderful trip. Cez is my kababata, I’ve known her like the rest of my life and we live on the same subdivision. Good thing she’s up for this kind of out of town trip. I have someone to tag along! :D

When we arrive we ate first since we weren’t able to eat lunch. We roam around the place and look for people who are offering activities. If you are tight in budget you can always haggle or if you are persistent you can walk the whole island and I’m pretty sure you’ll find someone who will offer you amount that’s fit to your budget.

After contacting people for our activities for the following day we ended the day with a nice buffet and before we slumber ourselves to sleep, I asked my friend to budget our money first. We separate everything from money for activities, food, pasalubong, and up to going home. 

Here are more of the photos from our trip.

Yes, its our first time to ride. haha! We took a lot of photos. :D

The view inside the plane. Breathtaking!

I really need some book to read while on board, hello Marcelo! :p
Of course, tagging my hello kitty bag!!! :D


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  1. Beautiful beach photos!

  2. Ellie, it certainly does look like a paradise oasis... I am happy to hear you were able to get away and enjoy yourself... The pictures are amazing... I don't think you can take too many pictures xox

  3. These photos are so great! Looks amazing!!

  4. Ellie nice pictures.
    Espero que esta mitad de semana la estés pasando pura vida!

  5. Hello Kitty... lovely bag!

    Have fun girl :)

  6. oh my goshy! ilove that pink hello kitty bag!


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