Boracay Day 1 Outfit

by - Wednesday, October 22, 2014

And I swear, I'm such a lamer title maker. Can't think of anything except for what I come up with. So, this is the trip I've been talking to you for the past months that I am so excited to go to. Before I take you to this beautiful paradise let me first show you my outfits back there.

I've been wanting to wear high waist shorts but I wasn't able to buy, tight budget at its finest, so instead, I roam my closet and find these top that I have not yet worn ever, and decided to just pair it skirt instead. Since we're travelling at dawn I decided to add up a scarf, just you know, to add vibe on the outfit. :p

midrib top forever21 | floral skirt forever21 | slip on sandals payless | scarf sm department stor

These is the sand! OMG all so white!!! :D Will show you some others on my next post!

I'm not really sure whether to post my bikini but anyway here it is, just a far shot though. These are my first bikini outfit. I brought 3 pairs so watch out for it on my next posts.


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  1. It's hard coming up with cute blogpost titles all the time. Sometimes to the point titles are best! You looks great, love that bikini. You are totally working it! Great post.


  2. Yeah it's hard to make a title because that's what the readers will see first and decide if they'll read it or not. It sets the impression of the post haha. I like your top ♥

    The Girl Behind the Pen

  3. nice pics :) very nice surrounding

    INSTAGRAM: dominikamr

  4. Ellie... I adore the bikini on you... you have cute style :)

    I love the white sand, it looks so inviting and all the ocean shots are beautiful ;)

  5. Hello dear, i loved all yours outfits, you're nice ;)

  6. thats such a cute and girly outfit, i loved your skirt
    cute bikini
    Keep in touch

  7. Love your outfits! They are so cute and colorful <3

  8. Elli you are having a great time, enjoy it.
    Abrazos muy ruidosos desde Costa Rica.


Thanks for the wonderful message!