Wedding Jitters: What To Wear

by - Monday, April 09, 2012

Okay, you got it wrong.

I'm not the bride. 

But I still want to look best on this day. 

My friend got married last March 24, 2012, so its obviously a super late post,  but before it happened, its not only the bride who
 got problems to face. Well, medyo over-acting kami? hmm Maybe, but to tell you honestly, it's the first time I will attend a wedding without me part of the entourage. So my number one problem is what to wear?

I really don't have any idea what to wear. I tried to look at the mall, I saw some but not really my type, you know, I always have this "stand-out" thing in me, hee! So, the search was fail.

But poop! forever21! I haven't thought of that on the first place. I then asked my older sister to accompany me during her day-off to forever21 boutique to look for the dress. But the long wait kills me so I browse their site and try to look for dresses that I like that will hopefully will be on my chosen lists.
First is this one.

What do you think? Well, it did look like I'm going to a wedding or similar events, but I still feel lacking here. But still it caught my eye. :)


Classy? Yeah I know. I like the detailed on the fabric, the layering and the cut at the back, sexy and very feminine. 


Another classy style. If I wanted to be noticed this will count, the shiny, shimmery, glittery effect are all eye catching. Feminine and very sexy. BUT my tummy will be very obvious here. :( errr

What do you think I chose? 

The first one?
The second one?
The third one?

Yeah. None of the above and I haven't seen them on the store because I really didn't go and visit the boutique. NO TIME.

Then I think of wearing just a skirt and a blouse. err but then I thought of wearing RED. haha! The motif of the wedding is color blue and yellow. Well I don't want to wear the expected color, and her brides made will be wearing blue and yellow too.


Focus on red color.

 I start losing hope. Yeah I did.  But since, I'm fashion blogging, I try to browse on Chictopia and lookbook and get ideas from there. This what I saw. 

This is not, of course color red, but I really like the black skirt, its so stylish and girly and so chic! What I plan is to look something similar on the mall to achieve this look. But where to look? hmm


Isn't it similar with the first? But I like the color red way more than black.

But as I browse more, I found this blog that post her new bought dresses and one of her finds is this

I fell in love instantly and all I can say is, this is what I'm going to wear for the wedding! I look for the online shop she bought it but it costs too much + shipping fee, well even if I can provide the money I will still not be able to buy it because it doesn't have any shipment to the Philippines. :(

Another detailed look while worn. :)

Since I can't have it shipped. My only option is to have it sewed. haha! bright ellie! :D So I did.

Well for the shoes, my first option are the campbells shoes, well I don't think I can afford to have one until I bump into this two cute wedge shoes!

I try posting this on facebook to whoever is selling this.

What I've got? The first one! :D

ps. I over react with the title :p
**I don't own any of the photo posted here.
NEXT BLOG: What I wear. The finished style. :)

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