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by - Monday, April 23, 2012

Short Prom Dresses

I know its been a while since my last post. So what did I wear during the wedding? If you read my previous blog you will notice I had a hard time thinking what to wear. Well of all those I should say it's none of the above.

March 21, 2012. The day I was supposed to get my dress from the sewer. I asked my friend, Cez, to accompany me. Well obviously it didn't turn out the way I wanted to be like.

This was the dress I asked the sewer to make. Isn't it depressing? There's two days left and I don't have yet any idea what to wear.

I still want to wear red. Red. Red. Red. But all I have in my closet is a yellow and a blue dress. My older sister just bought a red dress but I'm still thinking twice about it.

We were at the mall, me cez and edzs, we accompany edzs to look for his wardrobe for the wedding. But instead, its me who find this beautiful red dress that cost for only 300 pesos! Cheap e? Yep! Because I spend too much already for the dress I had sewed and on the shoes so finding this is just perfect! :D

Well for the shoes, this one :D

I haven't taken any picture of the dress but I have one wearing it. 

It's a tube-dress :)

Hope you guys loves the red dress I've found because I do love it :D

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