No one is afraid of heights

by - Friday, August 19, 2011

they are afraid of the fall. No one is afraid of the dark, they are afraid of what’s in it. Likewise in fashion. No one is afraid of fashion, they are afraid of being laugh at. Actually I never had a guts on exploring and mixing clothes on my closet til I enter college and meet people whether personally or online. I get to have inspiration with them instead of copying their style I tend to have my own style. Some says fashion requires sacrifices, but I say otherwise, I mean being fab doesn’t mean you have to spend much on clothes there are stores who offer lesser price but same quality. But I never said that you shouldn’t buy those expensive clothes, i mean its never wrong to invest on designer or branded clothes and try to mix it on clothes from some vintage or thrift store. What matter is the fashion that give you confidence and comfort.

Mixing colors. So far I can say it’s my achievement when it comes on clothing myself. Before whenever I wear red top my shoes should be red and the same with everything. So I always have that different colors of shoes so I will not look out of the way, but now I can mix and match. Red and blue work hand in hand with me now. Never afraid on trying at the end of the day what matter most is not what other people say about what you wear but on how you feel satisfied and happy on how the way you look today, who knows maybe there are people out there whom you just got inspired because of what you wear.. :)

top : aeropastle
skirt : papaya
flats : thrifted


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