Fit or not you're still mine

by - Thursday, August 18, 2011

Just wanna share this lovely thrifted oxford shoes that I bought online. I never bought shoes online for the fear of not fitting on my feet since most of the online shop is a No Return No Exchange policy. A friend, who happens to be my friends relative who lives in Baguio and visits Bulacan every now and then have her own Online Shop where she tag me this beautiful shoes. I already have pair of oxford shoes but a flat one, I fell in love instantly with this shoes. It's pre-loved but in good-condition not to mention it costs 400 Pesos only. But its size is a bit extra with mine. But it doesn't stop me to buy it. I remember Anj telling me that she intentionally tag this picture to me because she knows how I love these kind of shoes. Pretty enough, yes. :) I've never worn this shoes since I bought it. hihi still deciding what to pair with this. The size is a bit extra for me, but I bought this 'thing' to be put on shoes extra large on your feet. :D

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