YSLA Beach Camp and Eco Resort; Another Haven In Camiguin

by - Wednesday, September 06, 2017

During the planninh stage of my 40 days in Mindanao, I make sure to booked on a cheap but pleasant resort or inn as much as possible. But as I browse the island of Camiguin I can't help but admire this specific resort in Mambajao.

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YSLA Beach Resort and Eco Camp is a place to fell in love with. The fact that its eco camp and I'm all support with anything eco friendly I did not hesitate to book on their resort even though their price exceeds my limit per night. They charge a single tent (max of 2 pax) for 1500. Since I'm the only one on this trip all the expenses are all mine. For me, paying thousands overnight is expensive already given that I will just sleep in here and leave the island the next day but part of me can't resist the beauty I saw on their website and of course by staying in here supporting an eco friendly environment.

The resort did not fail me. The crews are all very welcoming and helpful to my needs.

I arrive almost 6 in the evening and they are very much welcoming and assisting me for my island hopping the next day.

Upon seeing my tent (glamping style) I can't help but jump for joy. Because really the tent surprised me and it feels like surreal moment. And yes, it is my first time to experience such accommodation.

Are you a fan of Harry Potter? Or at least watch the 4th movie? Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire? Remember the scene where they watch a Quidditch World Cup? Remember their accommodation? Remember the face of Harry when he enters the tent? That same feeling and emotion! And as the way he says it, it really is "I love magic" though there are no magical thingy really happened last night but the feeling and the ambience feels like magic to me. Haha! Nawala ang pagod ko sa maghapong biyahe.

The tent is airconditioned with four pillows inside, a bed, and a blanket. Shower towels are also provided. It has two tables inside. A table outside and chair is also provided. 

Each tent has its own bathroom outside. Shower and toilet are separate and shower has both hot and cold. The toilet has its own bidet too and tissues are provide. There is also a powder section with mirror and small towel available.

And they have this huuuuuge pool that you can dip into! They also have "istambayan" but closed during my stay maybe because its weekdays and that time I'm the only guests and some other guests arrived the next day.

If you are wondering how it was being locked, they will provide a lock with a key. You can bring your own of course if you are hesitant but my stay is pleasant and I sleep wondefuk overnight. They also provide me an umbrella since it was raining a bit and a flashlight.

These are the updated prices of tours and accommodation:

I will rate this resort 5/5! And will surely recommend to all of you if you are visiting Camiguin. They are minutes away from White Island and Sunken Cemetery. They can provide service for you to the island's different tourist spots. You can ask them they are all friendly. I will be back I promise!

More photos below to convince you how awesome and amazing and why you should stay at this place!

The Glamping Style!

The Reception:

The Camp at Night:

The beachcamp:


The Pool:

And that's it....

If you want to book at YSLA, you can click this link and book here
--> YSLA Beach Camp and Eco Resort

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