Cheap Accommodation In Siargao

by - Monday, September 18, 2017

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Most people will think that going to Siargao is expensive, well that will be for sure if you don't have any idea about the island. When planning about any trip, most of us diy-ers and cheap-seeker-travelers always look for something that is cheaper but will not jeopardize our trip.

During my planning stage of my adventure at Mindanao, I allotted eleven days for my Siargao trip. I know most people would think why spend that long in a certain place? For me, there's something about this island that needs to be explored and experienced. Good thing I've made the right decision.

Given the nights of my stay at the island, I need to look for cheaper accommodation, and not to brag but I love researching and I know I am really good at that and tadah! found some place to stay at a cheaper price per night. Would you believe that I only spent 3500 pesos for ten nights at Siargao. Such a steal right? That will be 350 pesos per night.

Okay, the place I am talking to is Paglaom Hostel. I've learned about this place over researching on the internet and for me its already cheap so I decided to booked on their website.

The Hostel is a mixed dorm types. Honestly, it is my first time to try mixed dorm accommodation. I've tried single-bed at all girls room when I visited Bohol last year so I know this is going to be another experience for me.

If you are looking for cheap accommodation at Siargao, you may try this Hostel and I know you will not regret it. Its actually one of the best accommodation I had in my experience in travelling alone. The Hostel is around 5 mins away from Cloud 9 and will cost you 20 pesos habal-habal ride but is not along the highway. It's actually inside an area just near the highway, but walking is really good for anyone, plus if you rent your own motorbike it will be piece of cake for you. Though, Paglaom Hostel is not the most cheapest in Siargao, yes you've read that right, but the experience and their hospitality, and how they manage their hostel is more than what you will pay. The owner, Sunne is so vibrant and accommodating and will really help you out around the area. Plus, you will meet a lot of new friends and if you are lucky enough became for keeps.

As I've mentioned, there are a lot of much cheaper accommodation at Siargao, mostly, bunk beds like of the Paglaom, but I don't have much information about it. I just saw it while we are there. The cheapest is around 150 pesos per night and right in front of the highway going to the famous surf spot Cloud 9. You will not miss it because when you get off your ride it's one of the first thing you will see, you can't missed it actually. Along the highway going to Cloud 9 I notice some bunk beds around 300 pesos per night, its near Fat Lips store.

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