How To Spend Less In Siargao?

by - Tuesday, September 19, 2017

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This is somehow part two of my previous post "Cheap Accommodation In Siargao" but this time I'll make a guidelines on how you can spend less in Siargao.

I know whenever people will hear "Siargao" they will automatically think of how expensive this trip will be but like any other destinations, you can spend less here too. You just have to know if not all most about the place before heading there. But of course how? Especially if its your first time, right? And, if you are like me a solo traveler. I feel you guys. There are only few over the internet who can help you out with this one because I too had a hard time before. But let me help you with this post. I don't say I'm an expert about the island because it is just my first time there. But my ten days stay gives me a lot of ideas about the place.

So I listed nine points to remember when going to Siargao. This is just based on my experience and the way I see how one can spend less in this beautiful island. I'll update this once I remember some more points.

1. SET A BUDGET. During my planning stage of my Mindanao trip, I allotted 10 days for my Siargao trip. In my mind I know it will be costly but I set a budget for it. I've researched some spots that I want to visit and from there planned my budget for the trip. Setting a budget will help you monitor you expenses.

2. LOOK FOR CHEAP ACCOMMODATION. On my previous post I mentioned where I stayed. Choosing where to stay should be a priority too. You don't want to spend more on this because most likely you will be outside enjoying the island but don't just choose wherever or whatever accommodation there is. You should also consider not just the price but the distance and the benefits of staying there. Like on my part, I stayed at Paglaom Hostel. This place is perfect for any budget travelers out there. You will be going to sleep in a bunk but with mosquito nets (I think this is another plus), you can bring your own food and they have designated container and lockers (with lock) for your foods and drinks, you are allowed to use the kitchen and their refrigerator and any appliances in the kitchen, all these for a 350 per night. Such a steal right?

3. TRAVEL IN NUMBERS. This is the most cheapest way to travel in a place where you can split the expenses with others like boat rentals, car rentals, and of course on food consumption. But of course, there will be times that your friends will not be there or like me who really prefers travelling solo then point number four is four you.

4. MAKE FRIENDS. I honestly not the friendliest out there. I am a self-proclaimed introvert and in my three years of backpacking there is only one person whom I consistently have communication until now. Maybe because my itinerary is always on the go and spontaneous. I didn't expect that my Siargao trip would be this enormous about meeting new people but I'm glad it turned out to be that way because I really enjoyed every day with them. So, what happened was, from the hostel I checked in, I met people who are also solo traveler, and from there we discussed places we want to visit and just divide the total cost. This is way way a lot cheaper. The budget I set is just for the three island because the initial plan is just to visit those three on my own, renting my own boat. But the budget I set takes me to different spots in Siargao because yeah I made a lot of friends.

5. BE EXTRA FRIENDLY. How is this so different from point number four is that along the way or from where the jump off is, if you spot some couple or group of two or three friends, you can always ask them if they want to join your group and divide the total cost among yourselves. The many the better! Of course ask your boatman of the maximum capacity of the boat. This may also apply if you will rent a multicab for a day. Imagine if you can find more to fit in the multicab?

6. RESEARCH WHERE YOU WANT TO GO. Since it is just me alone I list just the places I wanted to visit and the food I want to try. From there I plan the budget and all.  Just read some other points for backup of this ^^

7. BRING/COOK YOUR OWN FOOD. As I've mentioned, look for an accommodation where you can bring and esp cook your own food. Eating fresh and newly cooked is always much better right? Siargao is just like any other places with their own wet and dry market. You can always ask locals where you can find them. I didn't say you should not try any food stalls or restaurant in the island, of course you have to because believe me there are loads to try and loads that is worth your dime. But again, control and set a budget for it. And if you are really on tight budget allot only to food stalls or restaurant you really want to try or heard of on that island. that is worth your bucks.

8. MONITOR YOUR EVERYDAY EXPENSES. Whenever I travel I list all my everyday expenses just to see how am I spending the whole day and when to limit or stop to avoid overbudget. By this you will have a total control on your money.

9. BRING JUST THE EXACT MONEY. I know this can be like a disadvantage esp if there's any emergency but what I did is I bring just the budget I planned and always had a backup but hid it away from my wallet and make a promise to myself not to touch it unless it is really really that important. After all, we are all promise-abiding citizen right?

- Paglaom Hostel accommodation is just 350 per night (you may bring your own food to cook, they have stove and refrigerator that you can use without any additional cost)
- You may rent a multicab all for yourself we had ours for only 2500 with a driver and split the expenses to eight of us)
- There are van rentals for a day for 2500 to 3500. Self drive and with a driver too.
- Habal-habal rental is 350 for a day. Max is 3 in habal-habal
- Bike rental is 150 for a day.
- Island Hopping to Naked Island, Daku Island, and Guyam Island is 1500 per boat, maximum is 8. But later on we found out that there are some who offers 1300 per boat. This is just around boulevard where they dock their boats. The store before it on the right side.
- Magpupungko Tidal Flats and Lagoon can be reached through land ride (habal, multicab, or van) if you rent a any of those for a day you can also visit the falls and the caves and pacifico.
- Sugba Lagoon can be reached through land and boat. This is a bit expensive so be sure to be with lots of friends and travelers to lessen the expenses. Boat rental is about 1600.
- Bucas Grande and Sohoton is really expensive so make sure to not go there alone. For a group of eight a total of 3500 to 5000 expenses.
- Their market price is the same as everywhere.
- Food stalls and restaurant to check out Mama's Grill, Shaka, Barrel, Kermit, Harana, Aventino's Pizza, Dawi's.
- Surf lesson is 500 for one hour with board. They offer day lesson for less or four hours of lesson for less just asked them they are all nice and accommodating. I suggest looking for "Oh Wow Surf" at Cloud 9

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