Where To Eat In Siargao?

by - Wednesday, September 20, 2017

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First, I haven't eaten all of the food shops and restaurants in Siargao but what I have eaten are one of the best in the island. And thinking all of them now makes me crave for them even more!

Okay, so even before I set foot in the island I've followed most of the people who always visits the island and some who lives there. I am really into visiting the place and I want to try the best it has to offer but of course still on budget. Alam mo naman, tipid biyahero tayo, eh. But some of you would say, how? It's just simple share it with your friends or your new found friends (if they are up for it and good thing mine are!) after all you want to look alluring in your bikini photos right? Nahh, but yeah that'll help I guess.

Moving on, based on the people I am following on instagram I already have this list in my head where to eat but of course, locals suggestion and people who frequently visits the place knows better than I do so I was able to tried other foods the island offers.

'Wag na natin patagalin pa. Below are the list of the restaurants I have tried and my rate of the food and place.

I honestly have top five in no particular order. But I guess these are the most number of times I have eaten at that place in my ten days stay in Siargao. Ooopps, guilty.

1. Kermit. This is the nearest at our hostel, it is just walking distance so yeah I ate here three times. The first time was with the new found friends I've met at the hostel, we had a tiring but fun day island hopping and what a better way to end the day is to eat at something yummy, right? Plus, I thought I might see my super surfer crush there but failed, pero busog naman ang tiyan so happy pa din! HAHA! What we ordered is their pizza, you can create your own pizza based on your choice of toppings. But what I love most is their Seafood Pasta! I really love pizza and pasta and their seafood pasta is exceptional! I suggest you guys try it. And of course, don't forget to try their famous Choco Lava Cake, there's no better dessert than this. :)

Okay, I am really sorry, but I don't have any photo of the seafood pasta. I just realize now. Plus, the second time I ordered the seafood pasta it tastes so salty well same with other served pasta for my friends during our dinner with the rest at the hostel. Anyway, their serving time is really long so I suggest upon arrival is to order immediately plus they are most likely to be full at around seven in the evening and because of that go there as early as six in the evening or made a prior reservation. The price? A bit costly. From 200 up.

2. Mama's Grill. So, on my fifth day stay in the island, I was really craving for isaw or any barbecue food stalls. The friend I've met at the hostel already mentioned this cheap stalls where they sell grilled foods. Surprised by the price of their food that is actually the same back in my place (Bulacan). Cravings satisfied!

I know the photos won't give justice to its taste but I swear its satisfying! Plus so love their sauce, you can choose from, sweet to sweet chili to chili sauce. And, just like Kermit it gets full early so head there as early as 5:30 pm. Grilling starts that time also. And I think I ate here three times as well. :P Price starts at five pesos, that's their isaw and their pork barbecue is only fifteen pesos.

3. Aventino's Pizza. I've been eyeing this restaurant since I saw it but I was like "kakain talaga ko ng pizza dito?" But good thing I did! Their pizza is superb! HAHA The first time I had it during family dinner with the Paglaomers. They deliver so its really a plus because we are dining in at the hostel with the whole bunch at the hostel. I am really a fan of thin crust for I taste the toppings better and theirs didn't disappoint. For only 135 pesos you can have a box of pizza all for yourself. The second time I had was when we are so hungry but so lazy to go out to buy or dine out, since Aventino's delivers pizza, tadah! HAHA lazy assses got full thanks guys ^^

During my last day in the island I crave for their pizza again and decided to dine in at their restaurant. You may refer at the photo above for their prices.

4. Barrel Bar Siargao. I remember Sunne, the owner of the hostel where I am staying mentioned that chicken at Barrel is one of a kind. So during our family dinner at the hostel, aside from pizza, we also ordered Barrel's famous chicken and yes it is exceptional. The next night we dine in at Barrel and indulge again with their superb chicken.

It was Ize (left most photo) and Jo and her mom (right most photo) last night and no better way to end their last dinner is to dine it Barrel. It tastes like no other here in Manila or any resto I've tried. Their chicken tastes really well from the chicken skin up to inside and everything else. HAHA! I am really bad at food blogging. No? :P Their whole chicken costs 250. We ordered two whole chicken! :D They say that their garlic rice is a mus try, I haven't though, but Ize did.

5. Shaka! For those health conscious out there! This cafe is for you! Shaka serves cold pressed juices, smoothies, power bowls of the freshest fruits and vegetables found in their island. Sorry no photo of their food. Price starts at 180 up.

Other food stops are as follows

Harana - Their desserts are good
Bravo - We didn't try much only their potato fries that tastes really well, best fit for our red sangria (party night :P)
Point-Point - Turo-turo! Yepp! Tipid bess.

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