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by - Friday, September 04, 2015

With all honesty, I've been wanting to buy a fur conditioner for my baby Rogue. She is one year and ten months now and maintaining a hairy dog is not an easy job. Me and the rest of the family members loves her full grown fur but there was a time when we need to have it shaved to skin because of tangles all over her body. Of course, shampooing and combing are not enough, this is just base on my experience.

My mom would always tell us to buy conditioner for her but due to lack of supply near the pet shop here as well as at malls we haven't able to buy her one. For the past month, Camille emailed me introducing their product at Simbae. I did not hesitate to entertain her email since its for the benefit of my baby Rogue. When I browse their site I was really happy to see that they have a conditioner for hairy dogs. I was even more happier when she agreed that I can chose one from their list of conditioner. I chose Leave-On Long Haired Conditioner. It has Keratin, Aloe Vera and Vitamin E that is really safe for our dogs.

Fast forward to the day of arrival of the product. Last Monday I was told that I have a delivery from DHL and when I got home I was happy to see that it was from Camille of Simbae. I immediately opened it and I was very excited since its also Rogue's bath time. Rogue behaves well during bath time. She enjoys it actually.

The package includes the product itself along with a flyer.

Bath time! :D

The following photos are after bath time and after using Simbae Long Haired Conditioner.

My brothers did notice the difference on Rogue's fur. Rogue always waits for everyone to be home even late at night and my two brothers will always carry her like a baby, when my younger brother arrive from work and when he carries her I asked him if Rogue's hair is softer than usual and he says yes. Not that just softer this time but smells fresher than usual. 

It says on the package that you have to use it continuously for the perfect output and I intend to use it every after her bath time for softer and tangled-free hair. Five star for Simbae's Long Haired Conditioner! So head over to their site and chose the right one for your dogs



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