Miracle Art Museum

by - Thursday, September 17, 2015

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One of my BFF wants to try this new Miracle Art Museum at the mall near us. Actually, he was insisting going there way before but we're not in the mood that time. Then on the spur of the moment last Saturday he messages and we just said  yes immediately.

Do you have any good to go outfit? I mean when you weren't able to prepare for it and you just get whatever first thing you can see in your closet? To tell you honestly, when I am going out, I planned ahead of time what to wear on that day. I don't know if its something all of us is doing but for me it is. But there will be time when its spontaneous and you have little time to think so you just grab whatever you feel like.

For me, that outfit is this. loose sando top, shorts, and a boots, and I'm good to go. You can never really go wrong, its comfy and so layback. I just add scarf since we are going inside the mall and we're going home late just a caution for the weather.

blue sando forever 21 | white shorts thrifted | floral boots dr. martens

I always wanted to meet you and to hang out with you or even just a glimpse of you from afar is all I need. No need for long talks, I said, no need for conversation. I just need to see you even just a second or maybe if time permits a minute to stare at you for your face not to leave my head.

with so much love, Ellie

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  1. Ellie the art museum looks like so much fun... I like how life like it looks :)

    I also love you last words about just being able to see someone... not even so much to talk, I wish this too...


  2. I love your shoes <3
    greetings xoxo


  3. Fresh looking outfit! And I loved seeing the first pictures at the museam! Haha


  4. Wow, very cool pictures. I would love to go somewhere like that.


  5. Great post and amazing pictures :)...thx for sharing!

  6. So cool photos <3 I would love to visit in the museum :)

  7. awwww the photos are so cute and the museum looks amazing!
    would you like to follow each other? ^^
    Michelle | MishCheungX - UK Beauty & Fashion Blog


Thanks for the wonderful message!