Rosa Novias Wedding Dresses

by - Wednesday, September 16, 2015

I think one of the year-round event is wedding. Because, really, there's no such thing as wedding month anymore, everyone is going out of the norms and get the wedding dates they want. That's why I'm here again suggesting another wedding dresses for you.   Rosa Novias is a big on-line UK based shop, they sell all kinds of dresses, which I'll be showing some later below, and in reasonable price. All of their special occasions dresses are custom made which you can get the perfect suit. 

Because of this online companies that offers wedding dresses I already have save their styles and site for future reference. And I am also suggesting their page to my friends who are getting married! Saves loads of time.

Here are some that really caught my eyes! These are beyond beauty and every girl will be looking awesome wearing this. I love the detail and the style. Very unique with a touch of modern and vintage. Just exactly my taste.

This first one is exceptional! Ugr look at the back detail. I always imagine myself wearing one, seriously.

This is a mixture of fun, classy, and vintage and modern! All in one! What a beauty in the eyes!

Vintage! I love anything vintage and this is one of them! See how classic this wedding dress is! And those beads just add perfection to it!

But the good thing about Rosa Novias is that they did not focus on wedding dresses alone, they also offer dresses for kids, for your flower girls and junior bridesmaid and wedding party dresses

These two are so cute! I imagine my godchild wearing these!

Hope I did help you narrow down your plans on your wedding! Go head on for more!

With so much love, Ellie

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