Sunshine Award!

by - Monday, December 31, 2012

Another blog award before the year ends! Thank you again, for forwarding this award to me. :)

These are my answers from Dajana's questions.

1. Do you have a car, and if you do, which one? I don't have.
2. Do you vote in political elections (if you're of legal age)? I would love to. But, I haven't registered yet due to some hectic of schedule going on 
3. Which city in the world would you like to visit? City of Prague! :D
4. Do you believe in love at first sight (why or why not)? Nope. I don't think its love at first sight. For me, its much more of attraction or adoration to someone, but love? nah, love takes time, it doesn't happen in a snap.
5. Have you ever been arrested, and if you have, for what? No. No way. That would be embarrassing I should say. :p
6. Do you watch sports? A lot. I'm into different sports myself, so yeah.
7. Are you religious? Yes. I grew up as a Roman Catholic and studied since nursery till highschool in a school being run by a nun.
8. What is/was your favorite subject in high school and why? Economics. I love everything debatable. History. I love learning and discovering where we all came from and what happened centuries ago. Last is anything literature, I love literature to death. :D
9. What is your dream career (feel free to be specific)? Sportscaster. Film Director.
10. Who is your role model in life? Mother Teresa of Calcutta

These are my questions for bloggers I later forward this award to 

1. What's the wildest dream you ever had in sleep?
2. If ever get a chance to choose where you want to live, where would it be and why?
3. If I'll be stealing your bag now, what precious things I'll find in there?
4. If you have a power to raised someone from death, who will it be?
5. A well-known producer will remake a movie of your own choice with the same cast except that you'll be the lead star, what movie is it?
6. If I'll be sneaking up on your room at night while you sleep(creepy me I know :p) I'll be seeing you wearing what?
7. Cinderella, Snow White, Rapunzel, Ariel, or Sleeping beauty? Why?
8. How would you want your future husband to propose to you?
9. If you could be anyone for one day, who would it be?
10.  What type of dress you wouldn't want to wear? Why?
11. What's your recent wishlist that you've gotten now?

Finally, the bloggers I forward the award to:


How's your day so far? Here, we've(me and my siblings) been watching Harry Potter series all over again  from movie one and now we're on the 6th movie! Way to go! Next top would be Fast and Furious I guess. Have an awesome last day of the year!


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  1. Compliments ^ _ ^ and Merry New Year.

  2. Hi dear , the makeup is so easy to learn .....


  3. Cool award my dear! Keep 'em coming!
    Hope to visit Prague too! I think it's a great place! :)
    Happy new year 2013 ahead my dear!

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