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by - Sunday, December 30, 2012

Maria Dinca


Route 13


I'm a high-school student in her senior year, trying to mix studying and a future career in Business with my passion for fashion and everything beautiful around us. I'm ambitious, driven and I want to leave a foot-print wherever I go.

I had a few attempts at starting a blog before Route 13 but the time just wasn't right. Now however, I'm using the blog as a means of expressing my passions with people that share them from all over the world.

My blog URL basically represents my life. I was born on the 13th , so route thirteen is whatever path I'll take in time. A mix of my passions, life experiences and travels.

My blog's name sums up my experiences in life. Being born on the 13th, route thirteen is basically my route. So my blog will comprise travels, lifestyle and fashion.

I am currently using blogger, although I've tried wordpress too and have tumblr as well.

I usually study, as I'm a full time student. However, in my free time I love to read and I've been attending ballet classes for the past 14 years.

I think getting used to criticism and to the fact that some people simply might not be interested in what you write and that whatever they say you should just be confident in what you like and what you stand for.

Well, most of my brilliant ideas come up around midnight, so I just write them down. I also get a lot of inspiration from the world around me and people on the street.

No, not really, just that I wasn't confident in what blogging meant to me. I felt like giving up but not because I was tired of it.

My blog is rather new, so I haven't had any hate comments (and I hope not to have in the future either)! However, some people didn't quite understand the purpose of a fashion blog, considered it superficial.

Well, I'm still learning, but I think the secret is to really want to know the people around you and not just go looking for followers. If other bloggers see that you are worth talking to and that you are interested in what they do also there's a bigger chance they'll follow you too.

I try to add something different to every post. I think text is very important too and that a blogger should always have witty content beside great photos.

I would like to reach 1000 followers by next year and to possibly attend London Fashion Week next September.

The first blog I came across when I got acquainted with the blogging phenomenon was Chiara Ferragni's "The Blonde Salad". I've been following her since and she's, let's say, a role model for me. I absolutely adore Leandra Medine from "The Man Repeller", I think her blog is the best out there, with innovative content, strong outfits and funny bits. I also really like Andy Torres, Nicole Warne and Carolina Engman. That's just to name a few of them!

Whatever you want to write about, do it! If you're confident in what you have to tell the world then there's no one who can teach you otherwise. If you are really passionate about what you communicate it will show through your blog. Don't do it for followers, or money, do it because you like it.

Here are some of the lovely and awesome photos you'll find and love on her blog. Love what you see here? Then visit her blog now. :)

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  4. Cool interview! you nailed her with the right questions gal!
    Happy New Year and wish you an amazing 2013!

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