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Paige Poppe




Hi! I'm Paige from Scottsdale, Arizona. I attend college in California and am a 3rd year Architecture student. My blog is a fashion, DIY, art, and architecture blog. I enjoy thrifting and making my own fashion pieces, and have found that is is a great outlet for my creativity. I would one day like to be a multi-talented design professional that is a licensed architect, and focus on retail design.

My blog started almost 2 months ago. I originally started it as a place to house my architecture portfolio for potential connections and internships. I soon realized that I wanted to post other content on the blog such as all of my creative outlets. I decided to post my outfits because it is one of my methods of self expression and also to connect with other fashion bloggers!

so what does the name punkrockparti mean?
punk rock is about not caring about what others think. it is about just laying it all out on the table, and not worrying about if someone doesn’t like it. i felt that this was a great description for my site because all of the work is uniquely my own and i’m not worrying about what anyone thinks of it. in addition, music is a big inspiration for my creativity.
secondly, a parti is an architectural term meaning the central idea or concept of a building. this part of the name speaks about my architectural background and the role that architecture will play in my life and design in the future.
this play on words of a “punk rock party” was something fun and catchy that i really latched onto from the beginning.

My URL name is the same as my blog name--please see how I answered the previous question!

I use Wordpress. I use this platform because it offered clean layouts and I was also attracted to the fact that I could make my website a "dot com"

When I'm not blogging, I am busy being a full-time student. As an architecture major, I have a project that I am constantly working on in the studio, and am also busy studying for my other courses. Other than that, I enjoy making DIY projects, painting skateboards, running, rock climbing, hanging out with friends, hanging out at my favorite coffee shop, and shopping!

The most challenging part of my blog is the time management. I find that it's difficult to post daily while also trying to stay on top of my schoolwork. But it is something that I enjoy and is stress-relieving, so I make the time for it!

I usually just try to do DIY projects that I really want, but don't want to spend a lot of money on. In addition, I like to mix up my outfit posts by showing Day vs Night looks or How to Style one piece multiple ways, rather than only posting outfit of the day photos.

I have not felt tired of blogging quite yet. I sometimes feel the pressure of needing to post daily but just remind myself that I can always do it tomorrow if I don't have the time that day.

I have not received any hate or bullying on my blog yet thankfully! I hope that this continues into the future. I admire other bloggers that continue to be their selves despite bullying, because it takes a strong and confident person to put themselves out there on the internet.

I have found that Tumblr and Instagram are great ways to promote my blog because people are drawn in by a great photo. One of my DIY projects was recently selected for the Tumblr DIY hashtag, and I received a lot of traffic and followers to my site because of this. I have also made some great connections with other bloggers through Instagram.

I have a mix of Shoe Unboxing posts, Outfit of the Day posts, DIY posts, and How I Style 1 Item multiple way posts. I like to have exciting, high quality photos and prefer to have limited text to let the photos speak for themselves. I also post daily!--(almost :D)

One of my upcoming goals is to reach 5,000 views on my blog. I am currently at almost 4000 total, and hope to reach 5k soon! I also would like to collaborate with some other bloggers and companies to help promote each other.

I look up to "Death by Platforms" because I really relate to her style of mixing edgy neutrals with more colorful pieces. I also like "Moon Riverrr" because she is a college student like myself and I love her casual yet stylish way of dressing! Finally, I like "The Urban Catwalk" blog. I found her through IFB and she has such exciting and edgy style!

I would encourage someone to start their own blog even if they are nervous--because it is so fun! I would recommend that they learn Photoshop because it can really enhance your posts. I would also recommend that they connect with other bloggers through IFB, Independent Fashion Bloggers because it is a great support system and helps you gain followers!

Here are some lovely pictures you would find on her blog.

For more, visit her blog, now.

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