Kawa Hot Bath In Kayak Inn, Tibiao, Antique

by - Tuesday, October 17, 2017

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I am always fascinated with the photos I saw from the past where someone is dipping in a big pot and I told myself to try it when I set foot to Antique. And so I did! It was a bit scary though because I will be alone in a secluded area of the province but still the experience is worth it.

When I arrive at Caticlan at lunch time it was already raining. What supposed to be a bum time in an island turns into night thrilling experience in one of the secluded part of the province in Tibiao where Kawa Hot Bath is so popular. Getting to Tibiao is not as hard as you think. You can ride any bus going to Iloilo and tell the conductor to drop you at Tibiao in Brgy. Importante, from there, there are habal-habal that will take you to Kayak Inn, one of the resort that offers Kawa Hot Bath. For a full travel guide you may click here.

Given the time of my arrival at Kayak Inn I decided to spend the night in the resort. Good thing they accept walk-ins for I don’t have any prior reservations. Once I arrived, one of them asked me if I am going to try the Kawa Hot Bath when I said yes they prepared it immediately, it was still raining hard so dipping in a hot water is a good idea plus I am already chilling. But I guess I’m wrong. Once they’re don, they called me and I immediately dip in. The water is not that hot maybe because there are rain drops pouring and they find it hard to make fire. The warm water easily turned cold in a matter of minutes plus the rain is still pouring and I end up chilling even more so I decided to rise and change to warmer clothes. The hot bath would have been so relaxing if not with the heavy rain, plus the aroma of the water is so soothing I want to fall asleep while in the water but too bad it doesn’t turn out to be that way. But it was a great experience still.

I had the most thrilling night. I never stayed in a more secluded place let alone by myself. Honestly, I felt terrified over some wild scary imagination. Blame it to my deep fascination with anything horror-like and with all the scary Filipino movies I saw from the past that it plays over and over in my head. But still, I slept okay :P

The habal-habal driver who happens to be part of the resort is kind enough to take me back to the main road at 3 am the following day to catch the first trip going to Iloilo for I tend to visit Garin Farm. I woke up 2 in the morning but rain starts pouring so badly that we end up leaving around 3:30 am. When we reached the mainroad in no time the bus came and off my adventure to Iloilo.

My trip to Tibiao Antique last October 14, 2017 is an official entry to my 81 Before 30 Challenge. Antique is my 28th solo province.

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