A Failed Hike In Davao Occidental

by - Tuesday, August 01, 2017

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My Davao trip continues with my older sister as we explore other provinces in the region. I can say I had a great time at the region and staying away from the bust streets of metro and chaos and mostly traffic is always a great idea.

I was so determined to climb any mountain in Mindanao. When I booked this ticket a year ago my plan is to climb Mt. Apo but given the tragedy happen in between as my trip gets nearer the plan was changed thus visiting all the provinces of Davao Region instead. But despite that, I still managed to look for alternative, though a bit far from the structure and physique of Mt. Apo but still a mountain in Davao. The only mountain I can climb on a dayhike and on a half-day is Mt. Kiyawa in Davao Occidental. Thanks to LOGSAC blog for his entry about the mountain for I was able to reach the place.

(photo creditsto LOGSAC blog)

On my 4th day in Davao Region, we are heading to another destination and my 4th province in Mindanao. We arrive at Davao Occidental around 10:30 in the morning of a Sunday. I am so excited because I am going to climb my first mountain in Mindanao. Though as the title suggest “failed hike” so you know how this trip ended. But good thing I have a second destination on this province if ever we finish climbing early.

We weren’t able to climb because the barangay is close and I don’t want to do it “backdoor” style. You know without permission from the authorities. I want to do it the right way. But the barangay is close and they are pin pointing different names and no one from their part will guide us so I decided to just head to our second destination. The Little Boracay in Sta. Maria Davao Occidental.

It's really a good thing to have a back-up plan whenever you travel, to always ready if your plan a doesn't work. But if none you can always ask around and enjoy being lost and discover places you never thought finding.

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