Love At First Sight, Romblon

by - Friday, April 28, 2017

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I fell in love with Romblon the moment I saw the photos on the internet and the possible pristine beach I will soon set foot. It’s been almost three months since I left my job and was hired and soon to start another chapter on this company but I wanted to cross one province and just take on a vacation before I start the job.

There’s no better choice than the province you’re supposed to visit but failed so here I am traveling to Romblon.

Romblon is another islets from 1707 islands of the Philippines. The Romblon itself has three islets: Sibuyan, Romblon, and . Climbing Mt. Guiting Guiting is on my bucket list but I know I can’t yet that time and I really want to indulge on some beach so I chose to visit Romblon, Romblon, instead who happens to have enough beach you can choose from or visit all for they are all stunning.

I messaged my favorite travel buddy, Belle, and aske her if she can go with me on short notice, for I know she can and she will, she said yes, of course and we head to Romblon, Romblon.

Getting to Romblon, Romblon is time consuming for you need to ride a bus going to Batangas port and from there ride a ferry going to the island that may take up to 12 hours sea travel. But you may fly through PAL but of course refular fare is costly and they don’t have every day trip to the island.

It was a fun and another bucket list ticked off because I get to ride a ferry for the first time. We chose the economy which is a bad idea. If I’m not sleepy that night and tired from the bus travel I will not be able to sleep because of these men drinking alcohol and smoking and chatting so loudly as if they are the only people on the ferry, as if it is not night and the rest are already sleeping.

Moving on, I chose to stay at San Pedro Beach for it has the most inviting accommodation of all. The beach is really far away from city, well, the island itself is unspoiled and pure perfections. No any kind of pollution no factories no commercial establishments just pure local folks and I know from that moment on I fell in love. How can some place be like this so untouched and serene? It feels like Bantayan Island of Cebu and it is as perfect as like that.

If you prefer a quiet and peaceful and really a simple life Romblon Romblon is the best place for you. My friend is thinking of buying some land there actually for like me she fell in love with the island too.

Arriving at the beach I know we will have a good relaxing stay and we had. The place is just perfect and quite. Though its just 30 minutes from the port that place is secluded. There were no guests, just us, so it feels like we rent the whole beach all for ourselves. The beach was owned by --- and used to be a resthouse by the family but ---- needs to go to Manila for medication. They open the beach to travelers and offers a great deal. Glad they did!

The beach has eight nipa huts with bathroom inside. There are non- and aircondition room to choose from. They also have their own restaurant which serves Filipino cuisine and some international meals like English breakfast and pastas. I highly recommend the tuna pasta! I ordered that for three times during our entire stay! HAHA!

Whenever I visit a province the very first thing in my mind is that “how’s sunset there?” if you know me personally, I have a huge fascination with sunsets and I collect every sunsets to each place I visited. And Romblon has one of a kind sunsets, too! I just stare at it until it was gone and I knew then on that this place is one of the best place I’ve been to.

After eating dinner, of course, the tuna pasta again, we head back to our cabin and doze off.

I woke up early to catch sunrise but I know sunrise will be on the other side but fret not, the beach is all mine so picture time and swimming time! Ugggr writing this brings back all the memories from that trip. I miss that kind of ambience.

It was kinda late when my friend woke up and she head outside to run. After that we went on the other side of the beach to explore. We were fascinated by the school of fish!!! WOW! As in WOW! They were playing on the water as if they know we are watching them. I asked my friend if she wants to visit some other beach near the place for I really want to visit the sandbard but she says she’s fine with the San Pedro Beach and just want to stay in one of the hammock and rest, I can’t  blame her, for she’s busy about work and all and I just agree with her. Nothing beats a relaxing ambience by the beach.

After drinking more beer and staying more at the hammock we slept a bit for later that night we are going back to Manila.

Don’t worry about it being secluded, the beach has a contact for the tricycle so you can just asked them and tell them what time you want to be picked-up.

Romblon is so much peaceful at night. We waited for the ferry to arrive since it was delayed we stayed on this restaurant beside the port. I was craving real bad for sisig for our entire stay. Too bad the landlady at the beach don’t know how to cook sisig so yeah my cravings were heightened. The cook on the restaurant heard that we are looking for sisig. Heaven on earth and he asked the server to get the chicken and he will make a special sisig just for us. Thank you, po!

Romblon has so much to offer and I am looking forward to visiting the other islets and hopefully climb the Mt. Guiting Guiting in the next months.

The trip that makes me fall in love in Romblon dated last September 5-7 2016 is an official entry to my 81 Before 30 Challenge.

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  1. These pictures are amazing. I've never been on a ferry. Maybe one day.

  2. Hello. I found your blog interested. If you dont mind, may you please share the breakdown of your expenses as well? Most especially, the accommodation. Planning to go there first week of June. Thank you.

    1. Hi Stephanie! I have a separate blog post for the travel guide for Romblon. Here's the link


Thanks for the wonderful message!