Travel Guide To Tayamaan Beach Occidental Mindoro

by - Friday, March 31, 2017

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How To Get There?

 From Manila

Ride a bus bound to Batangas Pier (Port) Travel time may take up to 3 hours. Fare is around 167 (as of March 2017), from there ride a RORO that goes to Abra De Ilog. Montenegro has a regular trip going to the island. Fare is around 260 (as of March 2017) and travel time may take up to 3 hours. Once in Abra De Ilog terminal, ride a van or bus (dimple star) and tell the driver you are heading to Mamburao terminal. Travel time is roughly around 2 hours. From Mamburao terminal, there is a tricycle there and tell them to bring you to Tayamaan Beach.

Where To Stay?

There are a lot of picnic cottages along the beach. There is a house also that you can rent. Don't have much info about the price, though.

Where To Eat?

You can bring your own food and cook it there. There are also dock there where you can buy fresh seafoods and you can cook it there yourself.

What To Do?

Aside from swimming, you can do snorkeling and diving. You can also rent karaoke. ^^

The part where the sand is gray-ish

Make sure to stay on the farthest side of the beach. Its all yours!

Just flaunting on the beach ^^

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