Abra Mythology “Tugot Ni Angalo”

by - Saturday, July 30, 2016

Did you know that the province of Abra has their own Adam and Eve? Angalo and Aran are believed to be the first man and woman of Earth, similar to Adam and Eve, in Abra Mythology. They were giants who roamed Ilocos region in search for each other. As Angalo continue his endless search for his love his footfalls became heavier because of lonely heart thus leaving foot prints on the region, he sometimes even knelt down to drink water from the springs where he left his footprints.

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The myth has been transferred from generations to generations in Abra and across Ilocos Region. The townsfolk claimed that this particular mark that is three meters deep with a width of five meter and a length of fifteen meters. The gigantic became the natural pool leading to another tourist spot which is the Pinsal Falls which happened to be the favorite outdoor shooting spot of the late Fernando Poe Jr.

How to get there:
Via Land – Dominion bus at Cubao has a trip going to Abra. Travel time is around 8 hours. You can ride a tricycle going to San Quintin and tell the driver to drive you at Tugot Ni Angalo.

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