When In Doubt, Boracay

by - Saturday, January 02, 2016

Has anyone of you found your runaway place? You know, that place where you go when you are deeply sad or just wanted to get away with everyone? Luckily, I found mine. And its far from home and its a 9 hour travel but all worth it. Well I am talking about Boracay. I know most of the people from my country, Philippines, knows this place, knows this beach, this sanctuary. It is one of the most visited and a must visit beach in the country or I am just saying this because it is for me more than perfect.

I've been to Boracay for only two times. Yeah, not that many but going there and staying there is like going into different life and I even planned on staying there for good someday.

Aside from very fine sand and magnificent waters, there are a lot of amazing activities you can do at Boracay, one of my favorite were parasailing and paraw sailing. And if ever you get tired there are a lot of restaurant there to choose from, from country to local to mexican or asian you name it they have it. Selection is not a problem there, well, the only problem you will face is where to eat exactly for your choices are numerous!

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Night life at boracay is never dull. There are a lot of restaurants and bars with their happy hour you can choose from.

And my favorite part? SUNSET! Boracay has one of those amazing sunset ever!

Will I be going back here? Yes of course! I am planning to go back again this year. I will be trying the 2go travel this time.

Below are my favorite photos from my Boracay trip!

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Soul searching at Boracay, Aklan, dated last February 4-7, 2015 is an official entry to my 81 Before 30 Challenge.


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  1. Such amazing place! Great photos!

  2. Ellie I hope you get to go back a couple of times this year... the sunsets are beautiful ♡

  3. nice!

    Fashion & Makeup

  4. very nice post and photos
    happy new year

  5. beautiful photos!
    i'd love to go there one day


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